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Play Journal Entries Chicken Wiggle Community


Creator of Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifter, and Chicken Wiggle. 🐣 Hi, my name is Jools. Nice to meet you!

See Chicken Wiggle's powerful and easy-to-use level editor in action! So excited to see everybody's awesome level creations on-line!! 🐣

In-Game Xenoblade Chronicles X BLADE News & Info


The second eldest of the three sisters.

Telethia Plume has been sighted! Experienced operatives are encouraged to access the Network Console in the BLADE barracks to help defend Mira from this formidable foe!

Play Journal Entries 3Souls Community


Here you are, ready to embark on a new adventure... [3Souls]

Sneak peek in Nophes's stage Nophes will be the chapter that follow the Nelesas's one and the events from him will actually happend before the ones in Nelesa. Those events will take place on the t...

Discussions Retro City Rampage™ DX Community



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Cheat Codes!

Check out these Retro City Rampage DX Cheat Codes! NOTE: Saving is disabled until you exit and re-launch the game after you enter them, so be sure to save first! ...

Discussions SWAP BLOCKS Community


I'm Jamar Johnson from WizByte Games I am the developer of Vector Assault and Chroma Blast.

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Trailer for the upcoming patch

Here is a trailer for the patch for Swap Blocks. I will post the patch notes a little closer to when the patch gets approved. Also the EU release is going to be d...

Play Journal Entries BLOC Community


Programmer @Cragworks Games on eShop: BLOC Territories: NA, EU

Can you beat 67 on this stage?

Discussions VoxelMaker Community


I am the main developer at Nostatic Software. I hope you enjoy playing our games!

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Welcome to the VoxelMaker Miiverse!

Welcome to the Miiverse for VoxelMaker. We hope you enjoy using it, and we are looking forward to seeing what you make!

Play Nintendo Community


I'm Amy from Nintendo. I'll stop by to talk about fun activities and pointers about fun games, so be sure to look out for me!

Hello Kirby fans, The first Kirby™ game, Kirby’s Dream Land™, was launched in North America in August 1992, which was 25 years ago! To celebrate Kirby’s birthday in North America, please feel fre...

Discussions Kid Tripp Community


I'm Mick Waites from Four Horses. I'm the designer and programmer of Digger Dan DX and the programmer of Kid Tripp on 3DS.

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Kid Tripp is now available

Kid Tripp is now available on the 3DS eShop for anyone who wants a super hard challenge. If you think you can achieve the impossible, try beat my personal record ...

Play Journal Entries Bit Boy!! ARCADE Community


Game Designer of and Creator of Kubi the Bit Boy!! Nintendo licensed game developer - it's fun to play Always working hard on games with my characters ZeLeLi, Kubi, Niki and H... oh sorry, don't want to spoil you! ^^' Now on eShop: Bit Boy!! ARCADE PUZZLEBOX setup Always Happy to see Fans following me @BplusGames

Do you know the original Pixel Hero Kubi? Perfect for this summer!! You can get Bit Boy!! ARCADE on eShop for Nintendo3DS.

Play Journal Entries Bit Dungeon Plus Community


Hi, I'm Daniel Navarro from Dolores Entertainment. I'd like to share news with you about Ice Cream Surfer.

Get all weapons!!!

Drawings Citadale Community


Nitrolic here from Nitrolic Games!

Behind the Scenes


ハル研究所の石田 聡(いしだ さとし)です。『星のカービィ』シリーズの情報発信を担当しています。 Hi, I’m Satoshi Ishida from HAL Laboratory. I'm in charge of sharing news and info about the Kirby series.

Hello, everyone! Satoshi Ishida here, from HAL Laboratory. Kirby's Blowout Blast was recently released for Nintendo 3DS! On this occasion, I received a message and a drawing from the game's directo...

Discussions Blast 'Em Bunnies Community


Hi, I'm Bruce from Nnooo. We made the award-winning escapeVektor, Spirit Hunters Inc and Blast 'Em Bunnies for your Nintendo 3DS, as well as the myLifeCollected series of apps, including myNotebooks, myDiary and myPostcards. We also made Pop Plus Solo. Our first game for Nintendo platforms was Pop for the Wii and we also published Cubemen 2 on Wii U and The Legend of Kusakari on Nintendo 3DS.

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Nnooo Sale - 50% OFF games & DLC!

All these Nnooo games are currently 50% OFF - Blast ‘Em Bunnies, escapeVektor and The Legend of Kusakari on Nintendo 3DS, plus Cubemen 2 on Wii U! All Blast ‘Em B...

Discussions Epic Dumpster Bear Community


I'm Ron from Log Games.

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Epic Dumpster Bear Price Drop!

Epic Dumpster Bear is now only $5.00 / €5.00!! Now is your chance to experience this platforming masterpiece!!

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Hi! I'm Daniel from HullBreach Studios. We are the developers for SDK Paint, Defense Dome, and several upcoming titles, like U Match It!, SDK Spriter, Tomeling: Darkness Falls, and HullBreach: Uncloaked.

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SDK Spriter v2.0 available in Europe/Oceania for the Wii U

SDK Spriter Version 2 has been released in Europe/Oceania. (This version was released last month in North America.) Next time you open the app, the Wii U will prom...

Discussions Draw 2 Survive Community


Hi Everybody! I'm Christian, the head of Unit DTH Studio and the designer/creator of Draw 2 Survive.

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Explaination about the updates

First off I must apologize. I have been working and working on adding content to this game and others for the last year, working through Deaths, Divorces and tech...

Play Journal Entries Minecraft: Wii U Edition Community


Official account of the Minecraft Community Team!

evanos is spending their day in the Skyrim Mash-up world!

YouTube Nintendo Channel


Hiya, I'm Skye from Nintendo. I'll be posting videos with Nintendo-related stuff in the YouTube Nintendo Channel sub community, so make sure you swing by ;)

Miss the Nintendo direct on 4/12? Check it out below!

Play Journal Entries Pic-a-Pix Color Community


I'm Chris from Lightwood Games, developer of Word Party for Wii U. We make word games. See also: Word Search By POWGI and Epic Word Search Collection! Word Puzzles by POWGI uses amiibo to create special puzzles!

Pic-a-Pix Color is out now on the Nintendo eShop! Not sure how to play? We made a video that shows how you start solving these picture puzzles.

Play Journal Entries Pic-a-Pix Color Community


I'm Katherine from Lightwood Games. We make word puzzle games! * Word Puzzles by POWGI * Word Party * Epic Word Search Collection * Word Search by POWGI and more! :o) When I'm not making or playing games, I can usually be found knitting or playing with our 4 cats - Amy, Pixel, Sasha and Jack :o)

Pic-a-Pix Color is out now on the Nintendo eShop! Yay! :o) If you're not sure how to solve the puzzles then watch this video :o) There's no guess work needed, it's all very logical once you get the...

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Randy Freer ★ Co-Founder HullBreach Studios

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NEW: The SDK Spriter Update Is Out! Sweet! [ALL DETAILS]

WHATS NEW ON Wii U?! SDK Spriter Version 2 has been approved for release by Nintendo of America, here is the breakdown of what has released today across North Amer...

Discussions Brave Dungeon Community


INSIDE SYSTEMでブレイブダンジョンのディレクターを担当しています。

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Brave Dungeon was released.

Hi, I'm Director of Brave Dungeon. I am working on Individual Indy team called INSIDE SYSTEM in Japan. I hope Brave Dungeon is an interesting game for everyone. Th...

Discussions Hot Rod Racer Community


Hello! I am Greg from ZeNfA Productions. Developer of ZaciSa's Last Stand & Hot Rod Racer. Please follow me for official updates on the game.

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Hot Rod Racer on sale for $0.49!

Hot Rod Racer is now on a special month long sale for $0.49! This is for North America & Europe / Australia starting today. This is a Arcade Racer that will challe...

Discussions Runbow Community


Creative Director/Designer for Runbow!

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Runbow Twitter AMA with Alex Rushdy!

Hey guys! at 1230 ET there will be a twitter Ask Me Anything with Runbow Creative Director Alex Rushdy!

Miiverse Announcements


Hello, this is Julie, your Miiverse guide. Today I have an important reminder that posting and exchanging Friend Codes for Nintendo systems, including Nintendo Switch, are not allowed in Miiverse. ...

Discussions Dolphin Up Community


Hi, I'm Alan Rawkins / Rawkins Games, creator and developer of Dolphin Up. If you have any feedback or questions about my games, please let me know!

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Dolphin Up on sale :)

Dolphin Up is 50% off until Feb 23!

Discussions Ice Station Z Community

Wobbly T.

Hi, I'm the director/developer of Wobbly Tooth Games. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Ice Station Z v1.2 Update Trailer & Release Date.

Ice Station Z v1.2 will available on 1st March 2017. This is a free update that you can download from Nintendo eShop. Note: The multiplayer in v1.2 is not compat...

Discussions Scribble Community


I'm Andy Ford from Bear Box Media. I produced Internal Invasion, and currently have more Wii U games in development. Feel free to ask me anything about the game, and I'll do my best to answer you!

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