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In-Game Xenoblade Chronicles X BLADE News & Info


The second eldest of the three sisters.

Telethia Plume has been sighted! Experienced operatives are encouraged to access the Network Console in the BLADE barracks to help defend Mira from this formidable foe!

Announcement Community: 3Souls


Here you are, ready to embark on a new adventure... [3Souls]

3Souls news: This week we will talk here about the Vault. In 3Souls we have different collectibles: ML-Rules and the Memory Palace. Those will help you to understand and know better the world of 3...

Discussions Retro City Rampage™ DX Community



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Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Retro City Rampage DX is coming to Nintendo Switch soon! Subscribe for news & alerts at!

Lounge community


I'm Chris from Nintendo of Europe. I'll be hanging out here on Miiverse to keep you all posted on events and activities around the latest games! Sometimes I'll talk about old games too. I can't help myself…

Hi everyone! Are you aware that it’s only two more weeks until Hey! PIKMIN is released in Europe and Oceania? I’m looking forward to throwing Pikmin around once more :D What are you looking forward...

Play Journal Entries Bit Boy!! ARCADE Community


Game Designer of and Creator of Kubi the Bit Boy!! Nintendo licensed game developer - it's fun to play Always working hard on games with my characters ZeLeLi, Kubi, Niki and H... oh sorry, don't want to spoil you! ^^' Now on eShop: Bit Boy!! ARCADE PUZZLEBOX setup Always Happy to see Fans following me @BplusGames

Do you know the original Pixel Hero Kubi? Perfect for this summer!! You can get Bit Boy!! ARCADE on eShop for Nintendo3DS.

Drawings Citadale Community


Nitrolic here from Nitrolic Games!

Discussions Blast 'Em Bunnies Community


Hi, I'm Bruce from Nnooo. We made the award-winning escapeVektor, Spirit Hunters Inc and Blast 'Em Bunnies for your Nintendo 3DS, as well as the myLifeCollected series of apps, including myNotebooks, myDiary and myPostcards. We also made Pop Plus Solo. Our first game for Nintendo platforms was Pop for the Wii and we also published Cubemen 2 on Wii U and The Legend of Kusakari on Nintendo 3DS.

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Nnooo Sale - 50% OFF games & DLC!

All these Nnooo games are currently 50% OFF - Blast ‘Em Bunnies, escapeVektor and The Legend of Kusakari on Nintendo 3DS, plus Cubemen 2 on Wii U! All Blast ‘Em B...

Discussions Digger Dan DX Community


I'm Mick Waites from Four Horses. I'm the designer and programmer of Digger Dan DX and the programmer of Kid Tripp on 3DS.

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Gameplay trailer of our upcoming 3DS game Kid Tripp

Hi all. Here is the first gameplay trailer of Kid Tripp running on the Nintendo 3DS. It will be coming to the eShop later this year and will run on all 3DS and 2DS...

Behind the Scenes


ハル研究所の石田 聡(いしだ さとし)です。『星のカービィ』シリーズの情報発信を担当しています。 Hi, I’m Satoshi Ishida from HAL Laboratory. I'm in charge of sharing news and info about the Kirby series.

Hello, everyone! Satoshi Ishida here, from HAL Laboratory. Today marks the release of Kirby's Blowout Blast for Nintendo 3DS! On this occasion, I received a message and a drawing from the game's di...

Discussions BLOC Community


Programmer @Cragworks Games on eShop: BLOC Territories: NA, EU

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BLOC now Available on the eShop!

Control 4 BLOCS at the same time to keep the ball onscreen! For 1-4 players: each player shares the Wii U GamePad to control BLOCs on each side of the screen. Many...

Discussions Drop It: Block Paradise! Community


Hello! I am Greg from ZeNfA Productions. Developer of ZaciSa's Last Stand & Hot Rod Racer. Please follow me for official updates on the game.

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New Theme of the Week: Blades!

The next Theme of the Week is... Blades! Dodge those deadly Blades in our own online Block Database area. Found exclusively online, these deadly blades are quite d...

Discussions Epic Dumpster Bear Community


I'm Ron from Log Games.

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Epic Dumpster Bear Price Drop!

Epic Dumpster Bear is now only $5.00 / €5.00!! Now is your chance to experience this platforming masterpiece!!

Play Journal Entries Pic-a-Pix Colour Community


I'm Katherine from Lightwood Games. We make word puzzle games! * Word Puzzles by POWGI * Word Party * Epic Word Search Collection * Word Search by POWGI and more! :o) When I'm not making or playing games, I can usually be found knitting or playing with our 4 cats - Amy, Pixel, Sasha and Jack :o)

Brighten up your Nintendo 3DS with this Pic-a-Pix Colour inspired theme :o) It features sounds and music from the game too! :o)

Discussions Block Zombies! Community


I am the main developer at Nostatic Software. I hope you enjoy playing our games!

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Welcome to the "Block Zombies!" Miiverse

Welcome to the Miiverse for "Block Zombies!" We hope you enjoy playing the game!

News from Mike


Hello! This is Mike Rophon hailing from Nintendo of Europe. I'm really into Karaoke and Anime!

Anime fans! With summer well underway, I can't wait to take a nice swim in the sea! During the warmest hours of the day, I think I'll enjoy some episodes of Zorro under some cool shade, or maybe I'...

Developers Room


Hello! I'm Mathieu, creator of the games "A Drawing's Journey" and "Tested with robots !" available on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. ---------- Bonjour! Je suis Mathieu, le créateur des jeux "A Drawing's Journey" et "Tested with robots !" disponibles sur le Nintendo eShop de la console Wii U.

Hi all ! I'm happy to announce you that my new game, "A Drawing's Journey", is now available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U ! After robots, here are drawings ! To learn more about the...

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Hi! I'm Daniel from HullBreach Studios. We are the developers for SDK Paint, Defense Dome, and several upcoming titles, like U Match It!, SDK Spriter, Tomeling: Darkness Falls, and HullBreach: Uncloaked.

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SDK Spriter v2.0 available in Europe/Oceania for the Wii U

SDK Spriter Version 2 has been released in Europe/Oceania. (This version was released last month in North America.) Next time you open the app, the Wii U will prom...

Lounge community


I’m Erika, your Miiverse guide. I'm here to provide you with all Miiverse-related news and updates, so feel free to follow me! I love to play puzzle and adventure games and I'm pretty good at them, I think ;). My favourite character is Captain Toad, just because he’s so adorable! I look forward to seeing your posts and drawings, and I hope I can help you all out in Miiverse! Happy Miiversing!

Hi everyone! As you may know, YO-KAI WATCH 2 was released in Europe at the beginning of April! Have you had a chance to try it out yet? One of my favourite Yo-kai so far is Hovernyan! In case anyon...

Play Journal Entries Minecraft: Wii U Edition Community


Official account of the Minecraft Community Team!

evanos is spending their day in the Skyrim Mash-up world!

Discussions The Stonecutter Community


Hello, I'm Brave a developer at Brave Rock Games. Our first Wii U application is Red Riding Hood, a visual novel meant for young readers. COMMUNITIES RR Hood: Stonecutter: Alice in Wonderland: Twitter: Facebook: Fan Art Gallery:

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Stonecutter: Hello world!

Our previous Visual Novel, The Stonecutter has been re-released internationally. Small adjustments have been made for this release. This story is approximately t...

Play Journal Entries Pic-a-Pix Colour Community


I'm Chris from Lightwood Games, developer of Word Party for Wii U. We make word games. See also: Word Search By POWGI and Epic Word Search Collection! Word Puzzles by POWGI uses amiibo to create special puzzles!

Here's the second part of our how-to-solve video for Pic-a-Pix Colour. You can download the free demo to give it a try!

Discussions Monster Hunter Generations Community


Salut les hunters je suis Vincent Hoffmann je travaille chez CAPCOM France en tant que Community Manager Monster Hunter France. Je vous dis à très bientôt in game et d'ici là bonne chasse !

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Monster Hunter Stories

Embarquez pour un RPG unique dans la série #MonsterHunter avec Monster Hunter Stories, qui sortira sur #3DS en automne 2017.

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Randy Freer ★ Co-Founder HullBreach Studios

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NEW: The SDK Spriter Update Is Out! Sweet! [ALL DETAILS]

WHATS NEW ON Wii U?! SDK Spriter Version 2 has been approved for release by Nintendo of America, here is the breakdown of what has released today across North Amer...

Discussions Ice Station Z Community

Wobbly T.

Hi, I'm the director/developer of Wobbly Tooth Games. Please feel free to get in touch.

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アイス ステーションZ


Discussions VRog Community


Hello, this is Martin from ByteRockers' Games. Nice to meet you.

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VRog on Nintendo Switch?

Who is interessed to play VRog on Nintendo Switch? We are thinking of making VRog Nintendo Switch able.

Developers' Room


Hi everyone! I'm Yuka from JOYSOUND @ XING Inc. JOYSOUND was one of the first brands to provide online karaoke in Japan. Have you heard of us before? You can look forward to lots of great karaoke song recommendations from me!

Hi everyone! I'm Yuka from JOYSOUND. Today's new songs will be the final update. A total of 64 songs have been added, including: "Little Girls" "Tell Her You Belong to Me" "Calling Me" "As the Worl...

Developers' Room


任天堂の青沼 英二(あおぬま えいじ)です。 「ゼルダの伝説」シリーズのプロデューサーです。 Eiji Aonuma, Producer of The Legend of Zelda games, Nintendo

Hello, everyone in Europe! This is Eiji Aonuma, Producer of the Zelda series. It has been a long wait, but the time is nearly here! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released for Wii ...

Stone Shire Developer's Room


I'm Cordero from Finger Gun Games. I'm the programmer of Stone Shire and Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese. Nice to meet you!

Stone Shire 1.2.1 Patch Notes A new patch for both North America and Europe has been submitted for Stone Shire fixing a few issues. Europe's patch should be going live by tomorrow. North America's ...

Drawings Twisted Fusion Community


Directing Developer of Twisted Fusion for Wii U out now and podcast host of Nintendo Voice.

Play Journal Entries Scribble Community


I'm Andy Ford from Bear Box Media. I produced Internal Invasion, and currently have more Wii U games in development. Feel free to ask me anything about the game, and I'll do my best to answer you!

COMPETITION TIME!!! The good folk over at Pure Nintendo have taken notice of your fantastic Scribbles here on Miiverse, and have asked me to have a look through them and pick a selection of my favo...