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In-Game Xenoblade Chronicles X BLADE News & Info


The second eldest of the three sisters.

Telethia Plume has been defeated. Excellent work, BLADEs! Operatives who contributed to the fight can receive their rewards at the Network Console in the BLADE barracks.

Discussions Monster Hunter Generations Community


Salut les hunters je suis Vincent Hoffmann je travaille chez CAPCOM France en tant que Community Manager Monster Hunter France. Je vous dis à très bientôt in game et d'ici là bonne chasse !

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Dessin Miiverse

Salut les Hunters, comment trouvez-vous ce Barioth ? Réalisé par Spyro

Stone Shire Developer's Room


I'm Cordero from Finger Gun Games. I'm the programmer of Stone Shire and Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese. Nice to meet you!

Stone Shire 1.2.1 Patch Notes A new patch for both North America and Europe has been submitted for Stone Shire fixing a few issues. Europe's patch should be going live by tomorrow. North America's ...

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Randy Freer ★ Co-Founder HullBreach Studios

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Draw Your Characters & NPCs! Draw Your Maps! Play Your Own Levels In Different Ways! Only With SDK Spriter! Available in eShop everywhere, 20% off SDK Spriter if y...

Lounge community


I'm Chris from Nintendo of Europe. I'll be hanging out here on Miiverse to keep you all posted on events and activities around the latest games! Sometimes I'll talk about old games too. I can't help myself…

Happy new year everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and received some great games as presents! Speaking of games: which games have you been playing during your holidays? As some of you may ...

Discussions Ice Station Z Community

Wobbly T.

Hi, I'm the director/developer of Wobbly Tooth Games. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Ice Station Z v1.1 Update out now!

The update is available now! To get it you must go to Nintendo eShop and search for Ice Station Z. Without the update you will not be able to play multiplayer. (If...

Drawings Twisted Fusion Community


Directing Developer of Twisted Fusion for Wii U out now and podcast host of Nintendo Voice.

Discussions Minecraft: Wii U Edition Community


Official account of the Minecraft Community Team!

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Pink Sheep by мсα★Jay (jayday2007)

It looks like мсα★Jay (jayday2007) found a pink sheep in the wild!

Discussions Quiet, Please! Community


I am the main developer at Nostatic Software. I hope you enjoy playing our games!

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Welcome to the "Quiet, Please!" Miiverse!

Welcome to the Miiverse for "Quiet, Please!". We hope you have fun playing the games! If you get stuck, you can post a question in the Miiverse and other players c...

Play Journal Entries Scribble Community


I'm Andy Ford from Bear Box Media. I produced Internal Invasion, and currently have more Wii U games in development. Feel free to ask me anything about the game, and I'll do my best to answer you!

COMPETITION TIME!!! The good folk over at Pure Nintendo have taken notice of your fantastic Scribbles here on Miiverse, and have asked me to have a look through them and pick a selection of my favo...

Announcement Community: 3Souls


Here you are, ready to embark on a new adventure... [3Souls]

Last week of the 50% discount for 3Souls on Wii U! You can find the game with the first episode right now on Nintendo eShop! Remember that the other two episodes, now in development, will come for ...

Play Journal Entries VRog Community


Hello, this is Martin from ByteRockers' Games. Nice to meet you.

Time to celebrate! Update available :-D

Lounge community


I’m Erika, your Miiverse guide. I'm here to provide you with all Miiverse-related news and updates, so feel free to follow me! I love to play puzzle and adventure games and I'm pretty good at them, I think ;). My favourite character is Captain Toad, just because he’s so adorable! I look forward to seeing your posts and drawings, and I hope I can help you all out in Miiverse! Happy Miiversing!

Hi everybody! Wow, we received some amazing photos from all of you! There were a lot of cool and creative ideas sent in, so here is a collage of our favourite submissions from you all! Thank you t...

Discussions Hot Rod Racer Community


Hello! I am Greg from ZeNfA Productions. Developer of ZaciSa's Last Stand & Hot Rod Racer. Please follow me for official updates on the game.

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Drop It: Block Paradise! Coming Early 2017!

Drop It: Block Paradise! This is our physics based puzzle game that will arrive on the Wii U eShop in early 2017 in North America / Europe / Australia! Five worlds...

Drawings Word Puzzles by POWGI Community


I'm Katherine from Lightwood Games. We make word puzzle games! * Word Puzzles by POWGI * Word Party * Epic Word Search Collection * Word Search by POWGI When I'm not making or playing games, I can usually be found knitting or playing with our 4 cats - Amy, Pixel, Sasha and Jack :o)

Discussions Alice in Wonderland Community


Hello, I'm Brave a developer at Brave Rock Games. Our first Wii U application is Red Riding Hood, a visual novel meant for young readers. COMMUNITIES RR Hood: Stonecutter: Alice in Wonderland: Twitter: Facebook: Fan Art Gallery:

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[French] Update for Alice in Wonderland

Update Patch for Alice in Wonderland Due to the popularity of our Visual Novel, in France, we have added support for the French language. Thank you everyone for v...

Drawings Word Puzzles by POWGI Community


I'm Chris from Lightwood Games, developer of Word Party for Wii U. We make word games. See also: Word Search By POWGI and Epic Word Search Collection! Word Puzzles by POWGI uses amiibo to create special puzzles!

Play Journal Entries PictoParty Community


Hi there! This is the official Retroid Interacive account, we are the creators of the Wii U game PictoParty.

You haven't missed that PictoParty is on sale? 50% off worldwide!

News from Mike


Hello! This is Mike Rophon hailing from Nintendo of Europe. I'm really into Karaoke and Anime!

My dearest anime fans, we've got a surprise for you today! Have you ever heard of Shinnosuke Nohara? He's the star of Shin Chan! If you've never heard of Shin Chan, you're in for a treat! We're rel...

Discussions SDK Spriter Community


Hi! I'm Daniel from HullBreach Studios. We are the developers for SDK Paint, Defense Dome, and several upcoming titles, like U Match It!, SDK Spriter, Tomeling: Darkness Falls, and HullBreach: Uncloaked.

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Real-time Raytracing in SDK Spriter

Here's a fun little tidbit about SDK Spriter (and the NOE build of SDK Paint): Did you know that this scene is actually interactive? Any time during the jingle, p...

Play Journal Entries Bit Boy!! ARCADE Community


Game Designer of and Creator of Kubi the Bit Boy!! Nintendo licensed game developer - it's fun to play Always working hard on games with my characters ZeLeLi, Kubi, Niki and H... oh sorry, don't want to spoil you! ^^' Now on eShop: Bit Boy!! ARCADE PUZZLEBOX setup Always Happy to see Fans following me @BplusGames

Merry XMAS!! [=)] Bit Boy!! ARCADE now on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS

Behind the Scenes


ハル研究所の石田 聡(いしだ さとし)です。『星のカービィ』シリーズの情報発信を担当しています。 Hi, I’m Satoshi Ishida from HAL Laboratory. I'm in charge of sharing news and info about the Kirby series.

Hi everyone! Today's the day we announce the winners of the screenshot category in the "Kirby: Planet Robobot Drawing and Screenshot Challenge"! To begin, let's hear from the game's director, Mr Ku...

Discussions Puzzle Monkeys Community


I'm Ron from Log Games.

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Puzzle Monkeys Sale!

Puzzle Monkeys is on sale for $0.74 / €0.74 !! Here are some of my favourite drawings from the Puzzle Monkeys Miiverse community!

Developers' Room


Hi everyone! I'm Yuka from JOYSOUND @ XING Inc. JOYSOUND was one of the first brands to provide online karaoke in Japan. Have you heard of us before? You can look forward to lots of great karaoke song recommendations from me!

Hi everyone! I'm Yuka from JOYSOUND. Christmas is coming soon! This will be the final new song update of 2016. Today, a total of 65 songs have been added, including: "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Thro...

Drawings Rorrim Community


Nitrolic here from Nitrolic Games!

Discussions ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades Community


Martijn. Co-founder / Development Director of Snap Finger Click.

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Looking for a new way to play #ACTITOUT?

Try doing a famous quote during a movie round!

Monster Hunter Generations Announcement Community


EMEA Community Manager for Monster Hunter

Hey guys! The latest pack of Free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations is now available! Gear up for some Hyper Monster fighting!

Discussions Retro City Rampage™ DX Community



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New Shakedown: Hawaii Trailer

The follow up to Retro City Rampage! Coming next year!

Play Journal Entries Totem Topple Community


I'm James Coote and this is my official Crystalline Green Ltd. account. I'm co-creator of Totem Topple

Ice Spirits and Fire Demons beware of my mighty Totem Pole! Playing a little celebratory game of Totem Topple this evening, as this week marks its 1 year anniversary on the eShop! Whilst initial re...