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Spoilers· 21/08/2013 05:00


Director's Room

Pic of the day. I guess we haven't shown the Villager or the Wii Fit Trainer on the 3DS until now. By the way, their outlines can be made thinner or made to disappear completely.


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  • Adam

    Spoilers · 18/10/2013 15:10

    I find megaman and villager fine but wii fit trainer WHY ?

  • Adam

    Spoilers · 18/10/2013 15:11

    Gabreale i believe you. sorry if i spelled your name wrong

  • Dewey

    Spoilers · 27/11/2013 16:12

    its better without lines


    Spoilers · 06/12/2013 13:09

    Looks awesome

  • Gilbear

    Spoilers · 14/12/2013 18:20

    I asked for outline options and I got them! thanks a ton!

  • Gilbear

    Spoilers · 14/12/2013 18:21

    I asked for outline options and I got them! thanks a ton!

  • Tim

    Spoilers · 19/12/2013 16:21

    That is awesome that it's customizable! I may leave it on but we'll have to see.

  • Jokop

    Spoilers · 22/12/2013 11:34

    Awesome. I thought the outlines looked a little weird

  • One Eye

    Spoilers · 03/01/2014 14:55

    omg you should add more rare characters, from rare Nintendo games like: Ray mark 1,2,and3 from Costom Robo

  • kid123x

    Spoilers · 19/01/2014 09:11

    u can remove the outlines

  • King K

    Spoilers · 04/02/2014 17:01

    Hey, Mr. Sakurai? I'm really excited for this game and can't wait until April to buy it! Oh, and can you put Mewtwo and Dr. Mario in the game?

  • King K

    Spoilers · 05/02/2014 13:42

    Hey, Mr.Sakurai. What's with that picture with Mario in a grassy realm? You said there would be no story mode. Are you pulling our legs or is it just part of a different feature of this new game?

  • Jose

    Spoilers · 05/02/2014 22:48

    im glad mario is not posting stuff about the PPG

  • Jorge

    Spoilers · 19/03/2014 16:26

    Wow incredible this didn't reached the 1000 posts! :P but anyway the 3DS version is taking great shape! I will definetly have to buy the two versions... my poor wallet U_U

  • Josh

    Spoilers · 07/04/2014 20:41

    Boopap Bee

  • Richie-X

    Spoilers · 13/04/2014 10:29

    Sakurai can u add snake

  • Nicholas

    Spoilers · 3 days ago

    YEAH! No outlines!

  • ♪моυηα♪☆★

    Spoilers · 2 days ago



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