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Spoilers· 03/08/2013 23:33


EarthBound Community

SUCCESS! SWEET LADY LUCK IS NICE! (At the time of this writing, Ness is level 80. 3 hours well spent...with massive level grinding.)


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  • Gweezy

    Spoilers · 03/08/2013 23:36Played

    what do u have to do to get the king of swords

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  • Au.C.Chris

    Spoilers · 03/08/2013 23:49Played

    Defeat a Super Starman in Stonehenge Base BEFORE you defeat the boss of the base. You only have a 1/128 chance of getting the weapon drop, so...yes, you'll spend some time in there.

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  • Gweezy

    Spoilers · 04/08/2013 00:03Played

    dang yo lol. i gotta remember that. i assume its ness' ultimate weapon?

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  • Au.C.Chris

    Spoilers · 04/08/2013 00:33Played

    It's Poo's ONLY weapon in the game.

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