Super Smash Bros. Series

Spoilers· 10/10/2013 02:34


Director's Room

Pic of the day. The shield that can deflect things with a little "clunk!" is still around. There's a slight reaction to the impact this time, so brace yourself.


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  • RavingDave

    Spoilers · 03/11/2013 12:40


  • Frank

    Spoilers · 06/11/2013 04:38

    man toon link looks way better in this than wwhd, and he looked amazing in wwhd.

  • David

    Spoilers · 16/11/2013 10:19

    OMG link looks awsome!

  • Ralph

    Spoilers · 27/11/2013 01:44

  • Billman

    Spoilers · 28/11/2013 16:19

    Would it be possible/feasible to cell-shade toon Link here?


    Spoilers · 06/12/2013 14:49

    Hmmmm, clone ._. Hoping more changes.

  • David

    Spoilers · 08/12/2013 08:06

    the hero of time next to the hero of the water. RELATED even if it is by 1000s of years.

  • Thorben

    Spoilers · 31/12/2013 06:56


  • Zane

    Spoilers · 01/01/2014 03:58

    link vs link

  • Dave duran

    Spoilers · 03/01/2014 23:41

    wait is the link thats mature skywerd sword link or twilight princess link?

  • lz97

    Spoilers · 05/01/2014 22:38


    Spoilers · 24/01/2014 10:03

    toon link looks like a derp

  • John

    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 15:18

    Who the heck is the real one?! Someone, please tell me.

  • Eduardo

    Spoilers · 19/03/2014 20:52



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