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Good morning, it's Satoru Iwata of Nintendo. I wanted to let you know that we've just released our latest Nintendo Direct on the official YouTube channel. In this Direct, Mr. Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames goes into details about The Wonderful 101 that will be released on September 15th. The game's demo will be available later today. Thank you for your patience.


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  • mike

    Spoilers · 26/03/2014 17:14Played

    do you know the code to the lego movie 3ds game not on Wii u

  • Shadow Ty

    Spoilers · 26/03/2014 18:11Played

    Hey Iwata, why do you have multiple accounts? The other verified users don't, and I'm pretty sure you can't be restricted.

  • Alexa Rose

    Spoilers · 27/03/2014 20:31Played

    three questions PLEASE BRING BACK SWAPNOTE thats the only way i could see my boyfriend 2 could you make a dance game 3 will you make a style savvy 3 for 3ds thank u

  • Mr.Perfekt

    Spoilers · 28/03/2014 10:34

    Hello, Saturo Iwata. You my favourite Mii. Can you follow me? I like you. :o)

  • dbose

    Spoilers · 29/03/2014 11:34Played

    cool! sup also.

  • dbose

    Spoilers · 29/03/2014 11:35Played


  • kikik

    Spoilers · 30/03/2014 01:39Played

    hi yo how are you

  • xevilio

    Spoilers · 01/04/2014 11:14

    hello satoru iwata make a update for youtube

  • michael

    Spoilers · 07/04/2014 22:39Played

    tell me guys have you herd of naruto shipeden

  • ADIDASºχχχ

    Spoilers · 09/04/2014 14:20Played

    PLEASE read, I know 1 nobodi means nothing. You can reach over 8,000 in 1 message. NIN suggested I contact you in reguards to the Mario Kart 3rd party online play ending May 20th. part 2→

  • ADIDASºχχχ

    Spoilers · 09/04/2014 14:23Played

    Around the world people play MKW 24/7. NIN says if enough people request to save MKW they might set up inhouse online play. I know they are releasing MK for the wiiu ,but. Thanks! ↓ nobodi

  • rtsTomasz

    Spoilers · 10/04/2014 15:24Played

    i want Digimon for the 3ds in the usa, and erope and canda. can u make i happen?

  • Kenny

    Spoilers · 12/04/2014 18:28Played

    Mr. Iwata, you were so funny when the European version of Tomodachi Life Direct when you wore the panda outfit. You said,"I can't stand this bear. ...Huh?"

  • j-d

    Spoilers · 13/04/2014 16:43Played

    hi mr

  • ballislife

    Spoilers · 13/04/2014 18:17Played

    can u follow me Mr Iwata

  • shona

    Spoilers · 14/04/2014 16:08Played

    Saturo, will you get Sakurai to have Mr. Game And Watch to appear in the new Super Smash Bros?

  • Nick

    Spoilers · 15/04/2014 05:16

    In case you did not know, de YouTube appwication on de Nintendo 3DS keeps on cwashing. Pwease unduhstand.

  • Daniela

    Spoilers · 3 days agoPlayed

    Mr Iwata,the resolution in the problem of ESHOP in Brazil. The other brazilians and I need of information! I much want buy the games in ESHOP, but, where is the ESHOP in Brazil? PLEASE!!

  • Ernesto9

    Spoilers · 3 days agoPlayed

    me gusta mirberse


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