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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 11/09/2013 04:15



Director's Room

Pic of the day. The Pyrosphere viewed from above. The Morph Ball design is also based on the one from Metroid: Other M.


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  • Other M was such a horrible Metroid game (and as a game in general)! Why is it being represented in Smash? The game almost ruined the franchise! The Prime games were better!

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  • ALlsan

    Spoilers · 20/10/2013 19:56

    dead or alive 3DS on this game again 0.o!!!! if you really play DOA you will find this stage !!! horror movie time XD gosh! gosh!

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  • OMG OMG OMG! This game looks gorgeous, can't wait to have it!!!

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  • Metroid RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Me encantaria ver a Kasumi, Ayane y Ryu Hayabusa como personajes jugables en Smash Bros Wii U

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  • neymar

    Spoilers · 18/11/2013 07:25

    and pic cool

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  • Excellent graphics.

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  • Chase

    Spoilers · 09/12/2013 21:27


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  • Joey

    Spoilers · 03/01/2014 12:09

    I think it would be awesome if Samus could go into morph ball mode as a "crawl" like other characters had in brawl. They did it in Project M and it works perfectly!

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  • Trever

    Spoilers · 06/01/2014 08:43

    Fox is on the very right side of the pic! :D

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  • Ridley

    Spoilers · 11/01/2014 06:27

    Please, more Prime and less Other M. I'd love to have a great stage full of "metroidian" atmosphere, for once. Smash always features anonimous stages with acid/lava and that is so uncool.

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  • Ridley

    Spoilers · 11/01/2014 06:32

    I was actually hoping for the Artifact Temple since the very first trailer of Brawl. I love Metroid franchise because of the incredible areas like that, not just random lava. Please, Sakurai.

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  • Metroid Other M is the best Metroid! ^_^

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  • Other m is my favorite Metroid game. Thank you so much Nintendo and Team Ninja, for bringing it into my life.

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  • Josh

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 20:47

    I love metroid: other m so much! It was definitely the best so far!

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  • Owen

    Spoilers · 26/04/2014 17:00

    A Jigglypuff seen from above!

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  • Jake

    Spoilers · 17/06/2014 13:16


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  • Blue

    Spoilers · 13/08/2014 02:47

    I see Ridley's shadow! He WILL be a stage boss!

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  • Kevin

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 00:12

    Comments aren't maxed out! XD

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