Art Academy: SketchPad

Spoilers· 21/09/2013 17:29


Art Academy: SketchPad Community

Can't wait until October 4th!


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  • Baschtel

    Spoilers · 21/09/2013 17:43Played

    but isn't this link from minishcap?

  • Eric

    Spoilers · 21/09/2013 17:48Played

    It is, you can tell by his cap, but it's still the same art style :)

  • Drew

    Spoilers · 21/09/2013 18:38


  • Encubed

    Spoilers · 23/09/2013 10:30

    I can't wait! I really want to download it, but I hate Nintendo's downloads being tied to the system not the account.

  • Arran

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 13:30

    Saw you on NintendoLife. Why isn't this supremely rated? Well done.

  • Lichi

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 13:56

    Cheers from NintendoLife!

  • collinhall

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 16:22


  • nic

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 17:09Played

    Saw you on nintendolife!

  • Ricky

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 17:53

    Yep Nintendolife here too!!! jajajaja nice drawing!!!


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