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04/26/2013 8:53 AM ·Spoilers

There has been a Wii U system update today. We've improved the stability of several applications and reduced loading times. There are also several updates to Miiverse: 1) On the input screen for handwriting posts and comments, it is now possible to undo your previous action. 2) You can now set the size of the pen and the eraser separately. 3) Miiverse is now compatible with the Wii Remote, the Wii U Pro Controller and the Classic Controller, which can be used for everything apart from writing posts and comments. 4) The input screen for handwriting is now displayed on the TV as well as on the GamePad, so others can see what you're writing. To check in detail what other changes have been made with this update, please select the internet browser icon (the blue globe) below.



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