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There has been an update to Miiverse today. ■ General changes 1) The wait time between posts has been reduced from 5 mins to 3 mins. 2) We've added a special symbol to mark announcement communities, such as the New SUPER MARIO BROS. U Developers' Room community. ■ Features added to the web version You can now: 1) Post (text only) and delete posts in communities. 2) Follow and unfollow other users via their profile. 3) Display the list of your friends, followers and users you are following in your profile. 4) Select User Menu -> Profile -> Profile Settings to adjust your profile settings. 5) Select User Menu -> Miiverse Settings to configure the following: - Who can comment on your posts - Display of automatic game posts in your activity feed 6) View any Miiverse post, even if you don't have a Nintendo Network ID or are not signed in. As long as you have the URL for a post, you can open it. That's all for today!


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  • Kev Kev

    Spoilers · 11/07/2013 08:37Played

  • Rémi

    Spoilers · 16/07/2013 13:10Played

    je cromprend rien

  • Deleted by administrator.

    Comment ID: 3DB-NBL7-BUE-F6C9-X9T-MJW4

  • louna

    Spoilers · 14/08/2013 04:48Played

  • Stephen

    Spoilers · 04/09/2013 10:45Played

    thank you very much

  • kay

    Spoilers · 09/09/2013 11:33

    ist einer deuch

  • kay

    Spoilers · 09/09/2013 11:34

  • kay

    Spoilers · 09/09/2013 11:34

  • tim

    Spoilers · 16/12/2013 14:06Played


  • tim

    Spoilers · 16/12/2013 14:07Played

    norwai here

  • Émilie

    Spoilers · 20/12/2013 11:13

  • mee

    Spoilers · 21/12/2013 07:51Played


  • bryan

    Spoilers · 14/01/2014 09:52

    hello im new guys

  • bryan

    Spoilers · 14/01/2014 09:53

    ou salut

  • Vanessa

    Spoilers · 23/01/2014 23:56

    marty das mit den bekant machen was bringt das?

  • penguin

    Spoilers · 24/01/2014 20:29Played

    when Australia gets tvii

  • Leah

    Spoilers · 02/03/2014 16:57Played

  • hollah

    Spoilers · 07/03/2014 14:53Played


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