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Spoilers· 09/08/2013 17:37



Art Academy Community

First painting! I'm really not that experienced with color [seriously] but I did what I could!


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  • Rovi

    Spoilers · 09/08/2013 17:38Played


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  • LayLay

    Spoilers · 09/08/2013 17:44

    It looks amazing!

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  • Mark-E

    Spoilers · 09/08/2013 17:45

    your hard on yourself. It look goods.

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  • YoursTruly

    Spoilers · 09/08/2013 18:14Played

    thats extraordinary

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  • Lukas

    Spoilers · 09/08/2013 19:38

    That is so nicely colored!

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  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 10/08/2013 14:59

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  • Dan shush your drawings are awesome v;-;v

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  • Rovi

    Spoilers · 11/08/2013 02:40Played

    υν υ thank you guys.

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  • Lunar Halo

    Spoilers · 11/08/2013 19:15Played

    Pretty good! This app is kinda hard to work with, imo. No undos or layers. Still, it's a nice new app for the Wii U~

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  • Akis

    Spoilers · 13/08/2013 18:15

    you where on Nintendolife.com's top 10 drawings in this community in an article, check for yourself here: http://tinyurl.com/m3s3fkd

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  • Rovi

    Spoilers · 13/08/2013 22:44Played

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ASDFLFLL (he's not lying wh-)

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  • now stop soundin like ur drawings are terrible dan...

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  • Lukas

    Spoilers · 14/08/2013 12:47

    Seriously, so many artists I know fall into the trap of coming down on their own art. Your work looks good, so be proud of it :D

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