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Spoilers· 30/05/2013 12:45


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game already glitched. i didn't pick this place


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  • whiteheart

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 12:46Played

    didn't you just start the game though!?

  • Frank

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 12:49Played

    c'mon man...

  • Sam

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 12:53Played

    That's how its supposed to start :)

  • Felice

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 12:54


  • Zero

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 13:05

    guy's missing something... read his other posts you'll see...

  • Zero

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 13:27

    got a screw loose or something

  • Connor

    Spoilers · 30/05/2013 15:26Played

    He's a mod of a nintendo site.. Not a good one though. Still funny to read these

  • Miick

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 11:25

    @Connor - not a good mod, or not a good site?

  • Carlos O.

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 11:54

    Oh my!

  • Evruck

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 12:33

    great site

  • Andrew

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 16:26Played

    I love NintendoLife. And this is sadly how a "new age" gamer would react to this classic...

  • Luke

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 19:33

    It's satire, guys. Satire.

  • Sunny

    Spoilers · 16/06/2013 20:28Played

    come on. this is funny. i enjoyed at least.


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