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Spoilers· 02/09/2013 04:15


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Mario Bros., your days are numbered! Donkey Kong in the current build is super strong…but we'll be looking at the battle records when balancing out the characters, so nobody knows how he will turn out in the end.


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  • Connor

    Spoilers · 12/10/2013 01:50

    please add petey pirahna

  • Samu

    Spoilers · 17/10/2013 02:34

    It was already in brawl as boss...

  • Nathan

    Spoilers · 17/10/2013 07:27


  • Alex

    Spoilers · 02/11/2013 09:30

  • CPTNs Log

    Spoilers · 03/11/2013 22:25

    When did everyone get so patch happy?

  • →EG☆SLICK←

    Spoilers · 06/11/2013 01:13

    This was my best character in Brawl.. loved DK, and looking forward to him in this game as well!

  • gabby

    Spoilers · 11/11/2013 20:28


  • luis

    Spoilers · 15/11/2013 15:38

    yoshi is in the new super smash bros

  • Kadeem

    Spoilers · 19/11/2013 06:19

    Anyone notice how big donkey kong and yoshi are in ssb games compared to their respective games?

  • Mervin

    Spoilers · 26/11/2013 14:03

    I can just see the movement in his arm slamming in this picture...


    Spoilers · 06/12/2013 13:24

    Good. Be careful that none are too overpowered. :P LOOKS COOL SO FAR. Wish I was part of your team doing the music. *plays guitar*


    Spoilers · 12/12/2013 05:02

    ALL TIME BEST SMASH BROS CHARACTER! But why, in midair, does he not have a down special? Anybody else know what I'm talking about?

  • nufggygghg

    Spoilers · 12/12/2013 10:37


  • wii sports

    Spoilers · 16/12/2013 20:46


  • Jake

    Spoilers · 27/12/2013 16:49

    Yup, sure do. But DK was never my go-to fighter. That's Toon Link. My older brother played as DK

  • Austin

    Spoilers · 05/01/2014 20:02

    this game and donkey kong country tropical freeze looks awesome.

  • Jon

    Spoilers · 23/01/2014 03:51

  • poohbear

    Spoilers · 03/03/2014 16:12

  • poohbear

    Spoilers · 03/03/2014 16:13

  • Caterkiler

    Spoilers · 07/03/2014 11:58

    Is this a new attack? At first I thought it was the down throw, but looking at it now it looks like a mid air downward slap. Dk never had a mid air down special, maybe he does now.


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