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Spoilers· 12/09/2013 04:06


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Peach joins the battle! We've added 10 pictures of her on the website, but keep in mind that the game is still in development. Her moves may be refreshed by the time the games are released.


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  • Peterson

    Spoilers · 19/01/2014 22:27

    Head on apply on top of head

  • spedy hedg

    Spoilers · 21/01/2014 08:42

    so does that mean sonic will have new moves!?

  • Seima²

    Spoilers · 24/01/2014 21:27

    Can you add daisy also?

  • Josh64

    Spoilers · 04/02/2014 00:42

    Peach was announced on my birthday:)

  • j

    Spoilers · 08/02/2014 15:36

    PLEASE LET PEACH BE MORE LIKE HER MELEE COUNTERPART!! Her short second hop was terrible in Brawl! D: *and I don't want to hear it made her quicker, because she could cancel the full uprising*

  • Bere

    Spoilers · 08/02/2014 18:59

    add daisy and pac man and egg man and bring back mr game and watch and ness

  • Andrew

    Spoilers · 09/02/2014 16:37

  • Jakemii

    Spoilers · 14/02/2014 10:42

    First since Sunday! I can't believe the comments still haven't filled up yet!

  • Noah

    Spoilers · 02/03/2014 14:37


  • sean koopa

    Spoilers · 04/03/2014 11:32

    does this mean toad is in

  • sean koopa

    Spoilers · 04/03/2014 11:34

    add daisy PEACH VS DAISY

  • *ºSuperº*

    Spoilers · 21/03/2014 03:43

    the super dooper thing i want to know is when is this game going to come out? i know in 2014 but what mouth? what date? i really want to know, my birthday is coming.

  • gad

    Spoilers · 22/03/2014 22:57

    peach is BO$$

  • Danique

    Spoilers · 26/03/2014 14:07

    I'm superhappy to see that my main and fav character returnd. :-D Can't wait to play as her in my Peach cosplay! ^_^

  • DDH:)

    Spoilers · 27/03/2014 19:28

    *see's Mario flirting with Rosalina* Peach: Oh No! NOT IN MAH HOUSE!!!

  • Ryan

    Spoilers · 13/04/2014 21:56

    I'm starting to use Peach more often. I'm starting to like her.

  • Alejandro

    Spoilers · 18/04/2014 08:51

    add more females and black mage

  • Jonathan

    Spoilers · 19/04/2014 05:22

    Her moves may be refreshed... Does that mean, SUPER PRINCESS PEACH 2!?!?


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