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Off-Topic: A quick sneak preview of our new game (work in progress)... What do you think?


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  • Tommy

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 19:13Played

    Twitter claims the next game is a shooting game. I aren't into shooting games, but if it turns out to be one I'll like, than I'll buy it.

  • Tommy

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 19:17Played

    My ideal shooting game would probably involve crates - some destroyable, causing things to fall on enemies and gun upgrades. Just a few things you could consider in your new shooting game.

  • Cakes

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 19:24

    I'm down with Two Tribes pulling a Q Games and experimenting with genres in style. Anxious to see more.

  • Tomasz

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 20:35

    Reminds me of the end of musical levels in rayman legends when you bounce on a mushroom into the bacground. Can't wait to find out what its all about!!!

  • Mii2

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 20:43Played

    That seems very interesting. Looks like a 2d game, but I'm not 100% sure, as that portal seems kinda important.

  • Mii2

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 20:43Played

    @Tommy I don't like shooters either, but I'm fully confident on Two Tribes being able to make a fantastic game, and one that isn't a typical shooter.

  • Mii2

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 20:44Played

    If it'll really be a shooter. We'll see.

  • Seth

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 21:37

    I'm in. Looks rad.

  • Mii2

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 21:56Played

    By the way, it's really interesting how the setting is so completely different than Toki Tori 2 for example, but still the art style seems pretty similar in a way.

  • Mii2

    Spoilers · 08/10/2013 21:56Played

    To me at least, dunno if it's intentional or not.

  • madgaz

    Spoilers · 09/10/2013 04:42Played

    Looks steam punky - Im calling Limbo style game with shadows and time travel, possibly a scrolling shooter. looks like we'll be using teleports to other time? perhaps...

  • Sendou

    Spoilers · 09/10/2013 06:25Played

    I'm interested. Keep us updated!

  • √(Are)=♪♪♪

    Spoilers · 09/10/2013 15:09Played

  • √(Are)=♪♪♪

    Spoilers · 09/10/2013 15:15Played

  • Martijn

    Spoilers · 10/10/2013 08:01Played

    @Madgaz interesting ideas you got there! :)

  • madgaz

    Spoilers · 10/10/2013 15:49Played

    martijn tell me im close pleeeeese!

  • madgaz

    Spoilers · 10/10/2013 15:59Played

    I still want to write a horror script for a Two Tribes scare-fest game! I have some truly warped ideas.

  • Striker

    Spoilers · 11/10/2013 00:47

    style and color look good to me :-)

  • Ventilator

    Spoilers · 14/10/2013 05:33Played

    Looks interresting. :)

  • GOHO

    Spoilers · 07/11/2013 12:38

    look likely a interesting game ^_^


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