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Spoilers· 22/07/2013 04:10



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Close-up of the whistle and the Hocotate Freight logo.


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  • Wow, Nintendo added ALOT of extra detail to Olimars suit

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  • Josh

    Spoilers · 03/08/2013 13:20

    Nice detail of the Yellow Pikmin as well!

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  • you are kidding me

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  • Hope Olimar Isn't the WORST character... again... hes cool, but he was terrible and was basically unplayable in Brawl.

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  • Olimamalu!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

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  • Mark

    Spoilers · 12/08/2013 07:58

    I See!

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  • Zubz

    Spoilers · 20/08/2013 23:12

    Now THAT'S detail! I know I'm still disappointed about Ridley, but Sakurai, please know that we are HIGHLY appreciative of your hard work/detail. Thank you for being amazing! Take a rest if needed!

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  • Peter

    Spoilers · 21/08/2013 21:42

    Ganondorf, he was tier 2.

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  • saad

    Spoilers · 23/08/2013 07:02

    i thought they replaced with the new pigment people

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  • jman

    Spoilers · 07/09/2013 22:10

    wait a minuet... olimar doesnt have the whistle attatched to his helmet like the new heroes do!

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  • Omega

    Spoilers · 24/09/2013 20:08

    suck ups

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  • Dill

    Spoilers · 30/11/2013 11:10

    Louie would be a really good assits trophey

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  • royal

    Spoilers · 15/12/2013 14:07

    add luie!

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  • John

    Spoilers · 01/01/2014 21:23

    pikmin rules

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  • j'adore les pikmin mais pas olimar ...

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  • Wait... How is there posts from 2013 on this? Are comments re-opened on this post? And is this even a new upload cause it's Saturday and the Miiverse doesn't update on weekends..

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  • (<...........................♥.......................>) pacman is in ssb4,

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