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Spoilers· 11/09/2013 13:13


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Hi. I'm Zack Cooper, the Splinter Cell ComDev. I know some of you have been having frustrating connectivity issues. I want to assure you that we're looking into them, and hope to fix them ASAP.


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  • Felix

    Spoilers · 17/09/2013 12:59Played

    Thank you.

  • Jorge

    Spoilers · 17/09/2013 17:35

  • Mat

    Spoilers · 18/09/2013 09:32

    My game is still in the plastic, I need to start playing this now that online has been fixed!

  • Jorge

    Spoilers · 20/09/2013 00:07

    It is still not fixed, hopefully it will be soon. We need freezes to be fixed please

  • EpaEpar

    Spoilers · 21/09/2013 11:36

    Paid good money for this game, I should be able to use all the features. Get it together or people will sue.

  • Chris

    Spoilers · 22/09/2013 05:49Played

    Took me forever to find people due to the poor matchmaking service, but when I finally did I got one full game of SvM and it was SO fun!! I want more but I can't get any more due to the freezes etc.

  • razalom

    Spoilers · 22/09/2013 22:01Played

    Well for now I have given up on MP as getting 1v1 or nothing is just not fun.

  • DarwinYYZ

    Spoilers · 04/10/2013 00:11

    Any news on a fix for the connectivity issues? What about the mic problem, has that even been addressed yet?

  • Armin

    Spoilers · 15/10/2013 16:00Played

    The game is still broken. In fact the latest patch made the game worse. Now it even freezes in SvM Classic. This is a disaster and the devs. should feel ashamed for this poor work.

  • Striker

    Spoilers · 16/10/2013 19:38

    Come on.. Trine 2 is made by a small Dev team in comparison and they got Mic support up and MP works just fine. How about some info here on whats going on?

  • ether

    Spoilers · 16/10/2013 22:20

    People on my friends list are almost NEVER able to join my lobby after accepting a game invite. I've had the game since launch day and it's almost impossible to play with my friends.

  • Jorge

    Spoilers · 20/10/2013 00:31

    YOU STILL HAVE NOT FIXED ANYTHING!!!!!! FIX IT OR STOP LYING TO US, you have not fixed it and two months later is definitely NOT ASAP

  • Ivan

    Spoilers · 28/10/2013 00:14

    Hey guys the online will be patched by the end of 2015! Good jon Ubisoft :)

  • DarwinYYZ

    Spoilers · 16/11/2013 02:07

    Have you fixed the connectivity issues and not tell us? Has Ubisoft just given up trying to fix this game?

  • Dariel

    Spoilers · 28/11/2013 16:51

    So..... how about that whole ASAP thing you promised?

  • Gamingeek

    Spoilers · 09/12/2013 07:46Played

    Can us Wii U owners get the texture pack please? The textures are disturbingly low resolution. I've bought 6 Ubisoft U games and think we deserve support on this.

  • Striker

    Spoilers · 10/12/2013 00:54

    Still no fix, no word, nothing. I'm putting a ticket in as soon as my pad gets back from repair.

  • rob7791

    Spoilers · 10/01/2014 06:32Played

    i bought the game yesterday, have done the online update before start the game but the online still doesn't work for me. It doesn't found any player and i can't connect to/invite friends

  • BigTreez

    Spoilers · 24/01/2014 14:41

    It's pathetic that Ubisoft still hasn't fixed this and that people are still having issues... #BBB

  • DarwinYYZ

    Spoilers · 22/03/2014 01:37

    7 months and still no fix. Couldn't connect to any session. Your team really let down the audience. Personally I have no confidence in any other Ubisoft project.


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