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This is to inform you that Nintendo Network will undergo server maintenance from approx. 4 pm on Monday 30 September 2013 to 1 am on Tuesday 1 October 2013 (UK time). During this time, some Miiverse features will be temporarily unavailable (including private messages, friend requests and your blocked-user list). Any online features in games may also be affected by this maintenance. If you are playing online when the maintenance starts, please be aware that you may be disconnected at any time during the maintenance hours. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please let us also take this opportunity to inform you that scheduled maintenance takes place every Monday from 8 pm to midnight (UK time). During this time, some Nintendo Network services may be unavailable. You can always find up-to-date information about network maintenance and the operational status of our servers on the Nintendo website. Please select the internet browser symbol below (or the link, if you are using the web version) to access this section of our website.


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