Art Academy: SketchPad

Spoilers· 31/08/2013 19:15


Art Academy: SketchPad Community

Who do you think will win?


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  • PJ

    Spoilers · 31/08/2013 19:19Played

    Link. What's the giant ball gonna do? Record him? XD

  • Jak

    Spoilers · 31/08/2013 19:26Played

    Link, coz XBox sucks

  • Super REX

    Spoilers · 31/08/2013 19:30

    What is that.....

  • Josh

    Spoilers · 31/08/2013 19:34Played

    Hey get that out of Nintendo's official forums!!! :) JK. That's a really cool and funny drawing.

  • kenshin

    Spoilers · 31/08/2013 19:37

    link by far link

  • kimi

    Spoilers · 01/09/2013 00:21Played

    that's so amazing!!!!!! :D

  • Hero

    Spoilers · 01/09/2013 10:09Played


  • ◆Jack◆

    Spoilers · 04/09/2013 16:45Played

    Link, I believe in you!

  • Deadpool

    Spoilers · 04/09/2013 20:20Played

    ... Well one things for sure... we can pretty much rule out killing it with fire...

  • Hero

    Spoilers · 04/09/2013 21:49Played

    Bahahaha! Thats a good point. Good observation.

  • Tëď

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 11:03Played


  • Drew

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 11:52

    The one with green on it!!! oh wait

  • Arctic

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 14:28

    I like Xbox !!

  • Hero

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 17:00Played

    I like them too! Just thought it would be cool to draw. Seeing as how, sadly, they are rivals.

  • mike

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 17:26Played

    lets see xbox has minecraft ugh couldn't you make easier by making nintendo vs sony

  • Scott

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 19:39Played

    Good boy for recycling rubbish Link ;-P Lol

  • Josh

    Spoilers · 05/09/2013 22:25Played

    PS will have Minecraft too.


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