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    Spoilers · 19/11/2013 22:49Played

    actually wiiu is more of a children console and ps has less sqeakers xbox has the most probably

  • Tyler

    Spoilers · 19/11/2013 22:51Played

    lol This made my day.

  • Rowdy

    Spoilers · 20/11/2013 12:48Played

  • yoshi

    Spoilers · 20/11/2013 22:49Played

    javier. true. but wiiu is nintendo. nintendo is the god of all video game consols. and its the oldest of the three

  • Kyle

    Spoilers · 23/11/2013 18:10Played

    your post got featured of a website called

  • SG

    Spoilers · 23/11/2013 18:28Played

    memebase brought me here

  • Yoshi Fan

    Spoilers · 24/11/2013 01:55Played

    Memebase also brought me here. . .

  • Nyssa

    Spoilers · 24/11/2013 03:10

  • Kyloctopus

    Spoilers · 28/11/2013 11:57Played

    I found you on Cheezburger

  • yoshi

    Spoilers · 04/12/2013 00:25Played

    huh? lol

  • Chris

    Spoilers · 13/12/2013 19:46Played

    Wii U is the true hero of this generation.

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