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Spoilers· 26/12/2013 01:08


Director's Room

Pic of the day. To celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in Japan, Zelda joins the battle!! It's great to see so many female characters this time around.


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  • arche U

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:11

    es genial...... q zelda este lista para el combate.....ahora solo hace falta FALCO para mejorarlo aun mas...

  • Thorben

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:12

    Sakurai, I can't stop looking at these photos they're Amazing!!!!! Thank you again!

  • Bella

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:13

    Yay Zelda is in the game but I don't see sheik

  • Mikael

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:14

    Love it! Thanks Sakurai! By The Way, I would love to see Skyward Sword Zelda as a costume. Cheers from Belgium.

  • Dante

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:15

    I hope theres a skyward sword skin for both link and zelda!

  • Amber♪

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:16

    Agreed, Dante!

  • kyele

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:17

    i knew it!

  • Mike

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:17

    Sakurai-san, can you confirm Ness next please? I just want him in D:

  • Bryan

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:17

    Turn up!

  • Nachisho

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:18

    And people still think Ness and Captain Falcon won't be confirmed... smh

  • CJ

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:19

  • Marcfyre

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:20

    Saukarai, I know it's not wrong in Japan, but others here in 'Murica may take that the wrong way.

  • Tim

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:20

    No word on a sheik transformation?

  • Digibutter

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:22

    I was kind of expecting Zelda to return. Now where's Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, and Ness? It would be kind of odd without the original twelve!

  • Steven

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:23

    Why are they using the TP model again? Use the Skyward Sword model or something, I mean come on.

  • Luce

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:26

    Wow...sakurai, you really shut my mouth. I though zelda wasn't going in. Now, if only Ness was in...

  • JH

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:26

    @steven because TP was more popular than SS and the models look better un TP

  • Jason

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:26

    Love the use of the Twilight Princess model, now you have TP, Skyward Sword, and Wind Waker represented.

  • Francisco

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 16:27

    I knew it!... Awww... I thought its expression and outfit would change since the previous game.


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