Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 27/01/2014 02:04



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Rosalina's down special move, tentatively called the Gravitational Pull, sucks up items and weapons. Weapons will be disabled when using this move, of course. You have to shake the Wii Remote to perform this move in Super Mario Galaxy, but you won't need to do that in this game.


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  • Mr.G

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:15

    She looks hard to master.....

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  • Nathan

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:17

    You know how cheap this will be when you have a Smash Ball appear?

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  • that's really new But what about the items that we saw in the trailer? there was Mushroom, Pokeballs, Green Shell and others few.

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  • fan request please add ike

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  • cool

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  • im getting tired of all these dumb rosalina pictures announce some new characters show something other then rosalina and please don't make reggie a playable character.

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  • i beg you to please add snake :]

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  • When is this coming out! I need to know! The hype is huge!

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  • John

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:35

    Quit requesting he can't even understand english.

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  • zack

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:36

    Please add Bowser jr.

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  • david

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:39

    two questions will it be for nintendo eshop and can it be played on wiiu gamepad

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  • Joshua

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:40

    When is this coming out?

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  • Jeremy

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:42

    Meta Knight must return to smash

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  • BTW: every one of you guys DO REALISE that Sakurai cannot understand English? He is Japanese. He has staff for that.

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  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:45

    -david Im sure and off tv screen, probably, hes making the game for the pro controler so it wouldnt make sence that it wouldnt

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  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:48

    and yeah (not at david anymore) all these negative comments need to stop, there are people who actually care about the many aspects of the game and love to learn about the new players and mechanics,

    Yeahs Given1
  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 20:50

    not to mention we dont all want the entire cast thrown up in front of us, plus its just rude to badger the producers when theyre allready giving us all kinds of information

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