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Pic of the day. Both Link and Pit use bows, but when they fire simultaneously, their arrows meet and cancel out closer to Pit. Besides attack power and projectile speed, there are many elements that affect tactics, such as accuracy, vulnerability after attacking, and even seemingly unrelated features like a character's physical abilities.


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  • Mallow

    Spoilers · 02/02/2014 19:09

    Link's arrows are the better projectile. While pit's arrows can be guided, both do about the same damage and knockback. Link's are better because they are faster.

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  • Mallow

    Spoilers · 02/02/2014 19:13

    Also, about melee characters, i'm pretty sure mewtwo i want to return that might not. Ice climbers will probably come back, and bowser and peach have already returned.

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  • Archery Battle!

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