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22/04/2014 02:55 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Here's a special stage exclusive to the 3DS version, Balloon Fight!! The stage loops on the left and right sides so you can walk off one side and appear on the other.



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  • Super!

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  • Pichu. Pichu. We need Pichu.

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  • C2

    22/04/2014 15:09 ·Spoilers

    I've been wondering if some of the character revealed are all starters, or are some unlock-able.......

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  • Jery

    22/04/2014 15:09 ·Spoilers

    @olimar, calm down, im sure he'll think of something.

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  • Jojo

    22/04/2014 15:10 ·Spoilers

    Love this stage! Retro always wins my favor :D

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  • Do I need to say this anymore? ...I don't think I need to. But still, WE NEED PICHU!!!

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  • Hey, come on, the game is in development, and from what I've seen right now it doesn't have near as many charecters as Smash Bros. Brawl yet. Just wait, and most likely Meta Knight will be there.

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  • Jules

    22/04/2014 15:11 ·Spoilers

    This just doesn't make sense. Balloon Fight was originally an Famicom/Nintendo game. This should be on the Wii U version, not the 3DS version...

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  • Colin

    22/04/2014 15:11 ·Spoilers

    When I was a beginner at Brawl, I tried that on the Mario Bros. stage. So many self-destructs!

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  • Zach

    22/04/2014 15:11 ·Spoilers

    Next to last comment, AWESOME STAGE!!!!

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  • Awesome!

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  • Aidan

    22/04/2014 15:12 ·Spoilers

    What about roy

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  • I'm totally positive that Ness will be there. He's been in every single Super Smash Bros. game. Mega Man's here! I have been waiting so long for that!

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  • Sam

    22/04/2014 20:33 ·Spoilers

    Last comment 2 days in a row. I'm awsome.

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