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22/05/2014 02:22 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. In previous games in the series, if you chose the red team in a team battle, your Mario would have been red. But now you can choose any color you want! The color outlining the characters will show their team affiliation.



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  • That is pretty cool.

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  • Sakurai, that's a WONDERFUL idea! I'm glad I can finally pick my favorite colors!

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  • Now I can have a tactical advantage when I pick a blue costume with a red outline

    Yeahs Given280
  • Mooky

    22/05/2014 10:18 ·Spoilers


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  • Yuna

    22/05/2014 10:19 ·Spoilers

    Needs more Sonic.

    Yeahs Given121
  • alex

    22/05/2014 10:19 ·Spoilers

    wow way to step up your game ill admit im impressed nice job sakurai i like it keep up the good work

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  • This... is pretty darn spiffy.

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  • Colby

    22/05/2014 10:19 ·Spoilers

    That's pretty dang smart sakurai とてもスマトさくらいさん!

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  • Yeahs Given1091
  • Pablo

    22/05/2014 10:20 ·Spoilers

    Finally! :D

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  • *faint*

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  • Bring back Mr.Game & Watch for SSB4.

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  • Eliza

    22/05/2014 10:21 ·Spoilers

    Cool re. colours for teams...But Ghirahim playable for Smash or Boycott! >:(

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  • Smashers that play with gamecube Controllers I got Some Potentially great news Check out my last post for the news :3

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  • for some resin this wasn't in my activity feed

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  • Super smash bros will be the best game of the year.

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  • can you make a Mario kart 8 stage and Bowser.JR a playable character please? thank you! and also LAST COMMENT I'm really getting excited for this game but it be like in August or something? thanks you

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  • wait... this is the last comment! werd? it says the comments are full but I can still comment must be a glitch

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  • OK WHAT GOING ON WHY CAN I KEEP ON COMMENTING! wait a second... dose this mean I'm the only one who can comment? I'm doing this on the computer maybe thats why

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  • Yay!

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