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Spoilers· 04/06/2014 11:47



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There has been an update to all versions of Miiverse today. 1) The time you have to wait between comments when making successive comments on someone else's post has been reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. 2) You can now use up to 400 characters in each post and comment you write on Miiverse. Hopefully this should help everyone fit their hints and tips into a single post! 3) Your notifications screen can now display up to 50 notifications. We're considering adding an option to disable notifications for when you receive a Yeah, but that will be in a future update. 4) Your Activity Feed now shows posts that your friends or people you're following have given a Yeah to. You'll only see their most recent Yeah, though, so no need to worry about it filling up your feed. That's it for today!


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  • elliot

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 04:44Played

    This is awesome.

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  • Deleted by administrator.

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  • Hugo

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 06:30Played

    When I discoverded "OK" was a boy upside down, it change my life...

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  • Dilou

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 07:10Played

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  • ■Endergrl■

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 07:35Played


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  • Raul

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 08:42Played

    tu creastes miverse?

    Yeahs Given35
  • Merilaux

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 09:44Played

    Thank you, Nintendo! You listened to our requests!

    Yeahs Given69
  • Jack

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 09:56Played

    Yay this is one of the best updates! :)

    Yeahs Given55
  • sweetie

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 10:02Played

    Yeahs Given75
  • Illuminati

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 10:34Played

    This is actually helpful! And you should make an update for YouTube community. You should be able to attach a video to a post.

    Yeahs Given71
  • SLH Fan2

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 10:57Played

    Ideres for next update: 1. When a users post/comment Gets deleted it shoude look like this: Deleted by administrer because it contaned E.g Freand codes. 2. Privet chat for 3DS It will be cool for stuff that users need to tell to other users in privet. 3. Yeah restricson. When you yeah a post/comment you can't yeah for anuther 1 min / 2 min's And it can be tuned on and off by users...

    Yeahs Given44
  • SLH Fan2

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 11:05Played

    Who don't want to be yeah bombed like me but I do like a Yeah bomb time to time 4. Emotes. Tiped like this E.g :). To appere a smilly face. It will not work if you put eanythink between them E.g :=). Will not work. I hope some of these will appear in the next update!

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  • louis

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 11:17Played

    thank goodness for that

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  • Chloe

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 12:43Played

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  • JAM2014

    Spoilers · 14/06/2014 12:43Played

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  • Bernd+

    Spoilers · 21/06/2014 18:27Played

    KUBITASTIC!! I love the changes - Miiverse gets better and better. the 50 Notification are the greatest thing for me [=)]

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