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06/04/2014 12:32 PM ·Spoilers

Hi everyone, it's Tom at Nintendo. We've been hard at work trying to improve Miiverse and made some changes. Today's update affects all versions of Miiverse - on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS and on the web. 1) We reduced the current comment restriction from 3 minutes down to 2 minutes. 2) We increased the total character limit for post and comments from 200 to 400 characters. 3) We increased the total number of notification updates you can view at once under the "Notifications" page from 20 to 50 notifications. In a future update, we are also looking into adding an option where users could turn "Yeah!" notifications on and off. 4) From now on, "Yeahs!" will also be displayed in your Activity Feed. This includes Yeahs! given by your friends and those you follow. Out of their "Yeahs!", their latest ones will be displayed. We think today's update should improve the Miiverse experience for most users who keep their conversations on-topic, including times when you need to comment a bit more frequently. This also still help reduce spam and stress on our servers. We hope that you'll try it out and see how it goes. And I still read all your comments...every one of them. (just don't shoot the messenger!) That's all I have for today, thanks! Now back to getting ready for E3!



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  • Gee, thanks Tom, for another worthless upda- Huh? I-it's a useful update!? Has the world stopped spinning!? Has Hell froze over!? There really is a god! Miracles really do happen!

  • An option to see Yeah's in Activity Feed or disable it by choice would very awesome!

  • Yeahs598
  • I don't like the yeahs in your activity feed thing. I look at my activity every day to see what's my bubbys are doing but now thare too meny things in my activity feed and I can't see what my friends are posting unless I look at all of it. I don't see the point of it. I would be happy if you could charge that in settings that's all I ask for. I just want to look at my acidity feed with just posts.

  • best update ever thanks sooo much Tom

  • Yeahs892
  • Kai

    06/04/2014 4:21 PM ·Spoilers

    Praise the darkness, Tom actually listens! I never expected I'd say this, seeing as I'm purely evil, but THANK YOU! On behalf of all of us who blamed you, I hope you forgive us!

  • Dat time lowering tho

  • server issues you say? there's a difference between making a post & writing a comment. now I do understand that a 3 minute rule for making a post on miiverse is needed, however making a comment is another matter. there's a 1000 comments limit on each post that is being made. comments don't clutter the community feed, but only the particular post that is being used. we shouldn't be forced to wait.

  • I think this was a great update, it really resonates with the community. From now on, please concentrate on the OS update priorities, such as folders, online activity notifications, cross game chat, eShop cross buy, faster Miiverse startup and possibly polls in Miiverse. Users would be tremendously thankful for that and I think Nintendo listens to us more than ever.

  • Let us decorate our profile with colors!

  • i like it but y not just remove da restriction altogether............but whatever ill send in a guard to make sure no one shoots u

  • This remind me of patch notes for online games.

  • Can you also take away the 3 minute rule?

  • Yeahs252
  • Tom te agradezco muuucho me asia falta todo eso y si no es mucha molestia te agradeceria que no pusieran minutos de cada mensaje osea no le veo la necesidad y lo de 400 letras GENIAL en eso no me quejo otra ultima cosilla desearia que los de wii u puedan hacerse amigos de los de 3ds no entiendo porque no se puede GRACIAS POR VERLO y espero que se tome en consideracion lo que dije ATT:José A.


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