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08/07/2014 03:21 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. I talked about an attack with a far reach in yesterday's post, but it didn't compare to Palutena's up smash attack! No joke, it reaches really far. It reached so far in this shot that even the rocketbarrels got blown up.



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  • Eron

    08/07/2014 10:30 ·Spoilers

    It's like Palutena knows Aurora Beam and Sunny Day… "↑" "¦¦¦¦"

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  • Add Mewtwo,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • is this gunna be another Pikachu's Thunder Bolt from brawl (down b) that move was so spammable and i'm glad they fixed it here but it looks like palutena's up smash is the Thunderbolt all over again

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  • By the way, confirm Mewtwo! ;D As a playable character. :)

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  • Alice

    08/07/2014 10:31 ·Spoilers

    Tharja and Bayonetta for SSB4. Plz Sakurai. #MorePlayableFemaleCharactersForSSB4

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  • Super Smash Bros is the best game for ever !

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  • nintendo what happen to listening to the fans put the ssb4 demo on the nintendo eshop

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  • T

    08/07/2014 10:31 ·Spoilers

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  • Mhh.. maybe this attack with a such long range will take more time to charge! That would balance everything i suppose

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  • OMG She is so powerful. I always loved Palutena, but now she is just BOSS

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  • Yeah, so I was right with it being her up smash. Now, if im not wrong, Heavenly Light could be her neutral special e.e

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  • SMASH BROS COME EARLY! Sakurai you don't know English! Argggggggg!

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  • Can people just stop begging for characters already!?

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  • Projectile much.

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  • Palutena is an awesome newcomer Sakurai, I will be playing as her quite often! Speaking of newcomers, you should add King K. Rool to the roster of playable characters!

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  • I SO wish Viridi was gonna be in ssb4 T.T Some day Nintendo...Some day..

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