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11/07/2014 13:30 ·Spoilers

PSA: Reminder, Cave Story 3D is headed to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America and Europe later this year! Get your Polar Stars ready!



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  • so this is the order i got all versions of CS: cs dsiware, cs wii, cs 3d (card), cs eshop, cs+, and now cs 3d downloaded. Why do I have this urge to get every version and beat them all multiple times?!

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  • whats the date?

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  • Aar

    12/07/2014 10:27 ·Spoilers

    This is a remake in full 3D. This means 3D Models and maps and such

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  • Jake

    12/07/2014 11:55 ·Spoilers

    Any chance of Cave Story 2?

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  • Nice, I've payed a small fortune for a physical copy of this one, and I don't regret, it's a great game!

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  • Alex

    12/07/2014 15:17 ·Spoilers

    I hope the price is reasonable. It's much older than Cave Story+ on the eShop, and has less features.

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  • I'll make sure to pick it up.

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  • Because when I look at Nicalis' portfolio, I often say, “We need another rerelease of Cave Story.”

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  • Grant

    14/07/2014 08:44 ·Spoilers

    So 3DS still doesn't get Legend of Raven, but gets yet ANOTHER re-release of an old version of Cave Story??? I already have enough Cave Story. I want Legend of Raven.

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  • Thank you so much! I'm a huge Cave Story fan and have wanted to play Cave Story 3D for quite awhile :D

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  • Dan

    15/07/2014 03:51 ·Spoilers

    Still have my Physical copy, will double dip, though!

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  • Agoaj

    16/07/2014 19:19 ·Spoilers

    All the screenshots made the lighting in this game look bad because it's really dark. Might check out the downloadable version.

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  • Awesome! Especially since finally there's a Nicalis release that actually comes to Europe also. :-) This one is such a rarity, I never saw it sold anywhere in Europe.

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  • Now if only we could get Ikachan in the European 3DS eShop. I've been waiting for it's PAL release only for 1,5 years now.

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  • Still not here :(

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  • Is this still coming to the eShop? It is hard to find a physical copy of this game and I really want to play it.

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  • Colin

    26/08/2016 15:10 ·Spoilers

    Did everybody at Nicalis get bashed in the head to make them forget about us?

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  • It never came out on the eShop. EVER. If you do release it on the eShop, people will thank you a lot, the original game's rare enough

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