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07/22/2014 2:12 AM ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Here's the Great Fox from Star Fox: Assault. I wonder what missions it will conduct. It'll probably have fighters running around on top of it without the pilot's consent.



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  • Max

    07/22/2014 6:10 AM ·Spoilers

    SSB4ウィキにありさんニン​​テンクラシックリンクゴエモンヤエ櫻井さん検討ださい。Please Sakurai-san let Ninten, Classic Link, Goemon, and Yae who are on SSB4 Wiki join the battle. It seems Falco and Wolf's chances have increased...

  • i need to get a wii u soon!!

  • Is Ninten and Croi the same person?

  • I need Krystal in Smash Bros!!! Elle doit intégré le roster! C'est un Super personnage qui pourrait avoir un gameplay unique! Et puis nous n'avons toujours pas eu de personnage féminin de type: Animal! C'est pas important ça! non?^^ Je l'adore et je serais vraiment déçu si elle n'étais pas dans le roster... Tout comme beaucoup de gens! Ho... Et Enfin un stage Starfox! Thank Mr.Sakurai!

  • Please please PLEASE tell me this one is Sector Z sized. I look forward to hearing the actual name of this stage!

  • sakurai just announce falco already

  • About time we get some Star Fox info

  • The nose is the cannon, and the fins are ears. The visor is that ship part on top. Forgive me, I'm a little in the dark about Star Fox and Ship parts.

  • Uncle Tusk X Lucina!

  • I wonder if Deoxys or Palkia have ever visited the Lylat System… ˇ˛ˇ

  • Yeahs1123
  • Interesting that he chose the version of Star Fox: Assault. From what I heard, it isn't a good Star Fox game. And where are the fighters in this pic? Can you not show characters for pictures maybe?

  • In the last five comments!

  • falco announced in brawl already?

  • Krystal for Smash! <3

  • Yeahs564
  • that picture makes me excited for the new star fox coming soon! its one of my favorite series!

  • Yeahs131

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