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23/07/2014 03:33 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. In general, there are completely different stages in the 3DS and Wii U version, but we made Wily Castle and the special boxing ring available for both versions! We didn't forget the Yellow Devil either. There may be some small differences in the stages, such as the 3DS stage appearing to be during daylight hours.



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  • Alice

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    Tharja & Bayonetta for SSB4. Plz Sakurai #MorePlayableFemaleCharactersForSSB4

    Yeahs Given218
  • Alex

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    Mega Man got the short end of the stick in terms of stages while Pac-Man got 2 stages. Hopefully Sonic has a Sonic Colors stage for the 3DS even if it's likely to be Windy Hill again or a different Lost World level.

    Yeahs Given171
  • i hope we can turn the yellow devil off

    Yeahs Given279
  • Dear master Sakurai! Could you PLEASE show us more of the Pyrosphere stage and tell us if Ridley is a boss there or if he is playable. The war about Ridley will continue until we know for sure! Friendly greetings, a Smash Brothers fan.

    Yeahs Given214
  • Caleb

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    "We didn't forget the Yellow Devil either." could of if you wanted to.

    Yeahs Given164
  • Spin

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    Add Pink Gold Gandalf to the game! Would be awesome!

    Yeahs Given126
  • Isaac

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    Yeahs Given189
  • hi

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    @nicholas nah i think your just way over thinking it!

    Yeahs Given22
  • kmpyj

    23/07/2014 09:38 ·Spoilers

    Ridley CONFIRMED!!!!!! lol, someone had to say that. xD

    Yeahs Given73
  • David

    23/07/2014 09:55 ·Spoilers

    Personally, I'm a bit disappointed in this. I can understand why Battlefield, Final Destination, and Boxing Ring are in both versions, but there is so much more potential for a different Mega Man stage, and it's a shame they went with the same one.

    Yeahs Given170
  • Aidan

    23/07/2014 10:04 ·Spoilers

    Can't wait for this game! ^_^

    Yeahs Given144
  • Ciel

    23/07/2014 16:05 ·Spoilers

    bad box art megaman for alternate costume please.

    Yeahs Given71
  • That is pretty cool. Variety is much needed. *cough give Sonic a new movesetcough*

    Yeahs Given35
  • Rstar

    23/07/2014 16:05 ·Spoilers

    definitely preordering this game

    Yeahs Given50
  • Perso

    23/07/2014 16:05 ·Spoilers

    Everyone who sees this is awesome! Super Smash fans Unite!

    Yeahs Given130
  • Hero

    23/07/2014 16:07 ·Spoilers

    Add Ninten Lucas and Ness to thr game please sakurai it has been requested by fans across the world.If you dont know who Ninten is play MOTHER for the Nintendo Famicom.

    Yeahs Given76

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