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11/14/2014 2:57 AM ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Smash Tour is really hard to explain in words--it's tough to give out guidance tips with such limited space to type!! So I'll stop myself from saying too much--just try playing this mode three times with your friends. Smash Bros. will definitely feel even more like a party if you try this out.



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  • There are three types of game boards. If you turn on the Custom Fighters option, the fighters will be preset with custom special moves. The number on a fighter's portrait on the game board indicates which custom move set that fighter is using--this also adds to the randomness of this mode.

  • Wolf 4 DLC please consider it yeah this if you agree

  • Thank you Mr. Sakurai for continuing a series like Super Smash Bros. It means so much to the fans which characters are added to the game and how the mechanics work. This game has provided smash with a look on how a fighting game is like.

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  • I want Holy Loly Mountain, Ken, Ana, Paula, and Kumatora in the game.

  • you should also confirm other characters like blaze from sonic because i just see sonic is the only person in this game , get another characters from sonic game please plus make an adventure story please thats the greatest one and many people will love it.

  • please send me super smash bros for 3ds ppplleeaassee

  • 15.6 GB of memory for SSBU. not saying that makes this game bad but thats alot of memory space used

  • OK

  • I dunno

  • Sakurai got Giygas.

  • Wow

  • People do not comment as much as they used to. Probably because these PotDs reveal nothing new.

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  • Can't wait for The Runaway Guys to try this mode out.

  • Yeahs20
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    11/18/2014 9:41 PM ·Spoilers

    Maybe people have been saying that they prefer smash run because they like multiplayer side-scrolling beat-em ups and not mario party 23... just a thought....pretty sure people have been wanting a better online structure since experiencing how restrictive Brawl's online mode was. Other fighting games (not just on Nintendo systems) have online structures that give more freedom.

  • Looks awesome!

  • u wit m9


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