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03/06/2014 02:06 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Some stages have been shrunk down and made into trophies, like this one of Tortimer Island for the 3DS version. I wish I could have a figurine like this in real life.



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  • Real life trophies and stickers- I wanna see it happen.

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  • Zach

    03/06/2014 18:53 ·Spoilers

    NFC figures confirmed?

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  • I don't want any new characters, I don't want any new stages or features, I just want Little Mac wearing a banana costume as an alternate skin.

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  • BILL

    03/06/2014 18:56 ·Spoilers

    last commemt

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  • Shrek confirmed!

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  • well, this might be a great game coming up. i seriously cant wait for this to come out. just in case, ONE OF THE LAST COMMENTS!!! WHOOOO!!!

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  • I hope this isn't the only trophy we'll be hinted before E3

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  • see the difference: „Sakurai makes games and wish things for real life.” „I play games and wish me a real life.”

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  • Alexx

    03/06/2014 19:00 ·Spoilers

    dear sakurai, please put a thing like daisys 3rd eye or the mr saturn in the metroid trophy in ssb4 but make it say "alexx is epic as h*ck" your welcome ps i love u

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  • A tiny island in your hands.

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  • Who agrees with my last post He has to be playable in super smash bros. wii u and 3ds!!!

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  • I wonder if by collecting the trophies of stages, you unlock them.

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  • Whatever you do, don't shrink Pit. Things could go awkward.

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  • Can't believe I made it to comments on time!

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  • T

    03/06/2014 19:07 ·Spoilers

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  • Max

    03/06/2014 20:17 ·Spoilers

    SSB4ウィキにあり加える桜井ニン​​テンクラシックリンクゴエモンヤエご検討ください。Please Sakurai-san let Ninten, Classic Link, Goemon, Yae, and Marx who are on SSB4 Wiki join the battle.

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