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Spoilers· 14/07/2014 10:17



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Robin, the avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening, joins the battle!! As a master of tomes and the Levin sword, Robin's not like any other swordfighter. You can also select Robin's gender when you play.


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  • Sakurai

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:18Played

    And welcome back, Captain Falcon!! When are you ever getting a new game of your own?

    Yeahs Given6348
  • Mario

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:46

    Dissapointment is over 9000... A Marth clone really ? Who the hell want to play with this ? Where are Ridley, Rayman... Some damn intersting characters ! You can't call them newcomers anymore...

    Yeahs Given205
  • Yeahs Given332
  • I'm very happy that lucina got in but, too bad chrom is robins final smash. Now we need jigglypuff and ness. : D

    Yeahs Given215
  • I wish you could do that acrobatic stuff that Captain Falcon does after getting shot by those spells! Wait....so...that Lucina Leak was legit!? Then that must mean...That stage is legit too!?!? I really hope that there is a Fairy fountain stage from the Windwaker!!!!!!

    Yeahs Given90
  • YES Captain Falcon is back now the only veteran i want back is Ness and maybe Lucas but im totally okay with these additions

    Yeahs Given141
  • dont get me rong i love the newcomers but i rather have ridley

    Yeahs Given51
  • Sakurai, this is amazing!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!!

    Yeahs Given199
  • Don't forget Rayman. (Hopefully)

    Yeahs Given86
  • You toyed with my heart.

    Yeahs Given51
  • Miguel

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:47

    Wow! I wasn't expecting this! Great job!

    Yeahs Given76
  • Leah

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:47

    that video..*sniff* was the most awesome thing..*sniff* i've ever seen.

    Yeahs Given180
  • Yeahs Given576
  • PB

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:47

    Ty Beanie Boos for Smash

    Yeahs Given27
  • Now we can Falcon Punch in HD and in 3D!

    Yeahs Given339
  • The one and only captain F! Please tell me that he uses a falcon punch!

    Yeahs Given75
  • Mark

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:47

    Yeah Robin , w. Robin und Lucina zusätzlich kommt Chrom noch im Super Smash von Robin vor.

    Yeahs Given24
  • Rinku

    Spoilers · 14/07/2014 10:54

    lel they r all pokemans.

    Yeahs Given48
  • Some people are gonna be PRETTY salty today...well played Sakurai...

    Yeahs Given92

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