Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 04/11/2013 02:11



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Is this a spaceship from Hocotate? No-this is a bomb SHAPED like a spaceship. After liftoff, it will drop down when you least expect it.


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  • Grant

    Spoilers · 08/02/2014 11:43

    It would be cool if the characters from pikmin 3 were in ssb4

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  • joey

    Spoilers · 09/02/2014 01:12

    Ok this is awsome 2 of my fav franchises together XD

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  • I love how Sonic looks like a mix between Sonic(from Sonic 3) and Modern Sonic!!!

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  • sonic

    Spoilers · 03/03/2014 22:37


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  • you added sonic back in smash bros.Does it hurt to put shadow or any other sonic character

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  • Eric

    Spoilers · 15/03/2014 12:38

    Olimar: How did the Hocotate Freight ship get smaller? Sonic: How did you get bigger? Olimar: Touche...

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  • maddox

    Spoilers · 19/03/2014 16:56

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  • So its an item that works the same as Olamar's Final Smash from Brawl - the monsters that atack evryone else before crashdown. Does this mean the Olamar is getting a new or tweaked FS 4 this game?

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  • mark

    Spoilers · 26/03/2014 08:03

    awsome graphics i love that pic so much sonics modal is awsome

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  • javier

    Spoilers · 29/03/2014 14:21

    is it like the worp star

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  • jose

    Spoilers · 06/04/2014 23:09

    will olimar get a new ability

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  • @kirby ;) wait im a pikmin i never played the first game really a pikmin and the real olimar is...........

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  • Bubba

    Spoilers · 19/04/2014 20:30

    sonic is dead

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  • Why did you change the number of pikmin Olimar can have with him at a time?

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  • ↑ Click mii

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  • woah

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  • Andrew

    Spoilers · 12/07/2014 23:39


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  • Luke

    Spoilers · 25/03/2015 03:27Played

    uhm mr Sakurai 2 questions whens mewto coming out and will goku be in the game?

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