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12/12/2013 20:57 ·Spoilers

Size is not an issue for Ridley. He can easily be resized to be a playable character. Just like what they did for Bowser,Charizard, DK, Dedede, Olimar, etc.



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  • Ridley pls

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  • I'd like to add that Ridley changes sizes twice within the course of the SSE. He changes size between the cutscene where he appears and his first boss fight, the again when he appears as Meta Ridley.

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  • So the argument that he can't be resized is pretty much null and void, considering every single one of his appearances is a different size.

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  • Fiora

    12/12/2013 22:06 ·Spoilers

    I'm here too Swampasaur, btw this is ScatmansWorld25. I don't really see why people say he is too big, Bowser's been bigger than him before and K.Rool is bigger than him.

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  • Bowser has been the size of a planet before. Ridley along with Dedede and DK could fight on his belly if they want to. This is SmasherMaster btw

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  • I love when people use the NES with limitations as some sort of factual argument. The Queen Metroid on the Game Boy was huge and many games on the NES did things far more demanding than Ridley lol.

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  • Ridley could be sized in any way and just like Olimar it would only take a few moments to get used to. People who say Ridley is too big are blinded by their own silly perception.

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  • Fellow Ridley supporters, look up my page, i've got lots of Ridley support pictures and topics up. Ridley deserves to be playable end of discussion.

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  • Beto

    13/12/2013 02:12 ·Spoilers

    oohh! I'm a little late. Well at least the pro-ridley side won. Ridley FTW!!!

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  • Noah

    13/12/2013 14:47 ·Spoilers

    SaturnGamer approves of this message. Also if anyone here is from Smashboards, friend me!

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  • Tejas

    14/12/2013 03:20 ·Spoilers

    I'm also for SmashBoards (Layupfreak) waddup Swampasaur.

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  • Just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should be done. Just sayin'.

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  • Resize Ridley and rhen you must resize Samus.

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  • Oscar

    14/12/2013 15:10 ·Spoilers

    I admit that Ridley would be cool to have smash bros but if you downsize ridley, you downsize samus because in every game (not incliding the NES) ridley has been 3X big than samus for the past 26years

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  • Mikao

    14/12/2013 16:17 ·Spoilers

    Uh... that "downsizing Samus too" is nonsense. Just look at the GBA games. He's VERY close to playable size in these. Same goes for Super.

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  • just throwing this out there @swamp samus is bigger then you might think without the suit she is already nearly 6 1/2 feet tall and she seems to get taller when wearing it. no trollin, just sayin.

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  • Malik

    15/12/2013 08:24 ·Spoilers

    Smash Bros isn't canon with other game series, so Ridley should be whatever size that fits in the game.

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  • Lucky

    16/12/2013 20:23 ·Spoilers

    Smashboards brought me here. Ridley FTW

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  • alax

    16/12/2013 23:34 ·Spoilers

    Boards what up! Ridley would be dandy, I just hope the developers make it work. It'd be hard to find the right tradeoff for size and power but it could work!

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  • Pedro

    28/12/2013 17:45 ·Spoilers

    Sakurai said that the problem wasn't size, it would be speed.

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