Steel Diver: Sub Wars

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Developers' Room

Hello. This is Tadashi Sugiyama, Producer of Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Thank you very much for playing Steel Diver: Sub Wars. I wanted to give you all a heads-up that we are planning to release an update for this game soon. After this update, we should see fewer errors with the following error codes: [018-0501], [018-0502], and [018-0506]. Beyond this, we plan to continue improving the quality of the game's network connectivity. We are also planning to implement a number of requests we have received from players in this update. Details will follow in the near future. Finally, we have decided to close the Morse code chat room, so that change is included in this update as well. You will, however, still be able to use Morse code chat while waiting for online battles to begin, and during game play. I am thinking about preparing something to replace the Morse code chat room, so please be on the lookout for future updates. Thank you.


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  • £azy

    Spoilers · 03/11/2014 15:59Played

    hi sir, can ver. 4.0 come out faster, i been waiting almost 56 lv now

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  • slicknick

    Spoilers · 23/11/2014 21:34Played

    I need the premium version for free

    Yeahs Given4
  • Sascha

    Spoilers · 29/11/2014 08:01

    Yeahs Given2
  • Why not add voice chat to replace morse codes?

    Yeahs Given3
  • MJ

    Spoilers · 09/12/2014 19:42Played

    Now your right that you are given you a chance to tell

    Yeahs Given1
  • Aiden

    Spoilers · 11/12/2014 21:30Played

    there should be a costumizable sub and u have 2 collect broken sub parts!

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  • brad м

    Spoilers · 12/12/2014 18:55Played

    can u plz just make the premuium version free? its not fair for people who don't have money to spend on this game. yeah if u agree

    Yeahs Given4
  • Shazel

    Spoilers · 17/12/2014 23:00Played


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  • Yeahs Given0
  • boufy

    Spoilers · 01/01/2015 21:27Played

    You know I'll update my free version.

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  • BugKing

    Spoilers · 03/02/2015 09:57Played

    man im still playing this game IT IS SO GOOD!

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  • i love that game i played that all day

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  • hobo9

    Spoilers · 13/02/2015 11:32Played

    it is amazing

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  • hobo9

    Spoilers · 13/02/2015 11:34Played

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  • jasmine

    Spoilers · 14/02/2015 17:57Played

    hi love ur game

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  • Lucas

    Spoilers · 09/04/2015 00:50Played

    I Love Nintendo do you

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  • Beeƒ

    Spoilers · 11/05/2015 17:08Played

    杉山さん、 この偉大なゲームの未来は何ですか? 私たちは、新しい環境を期待することはできますか? 忠実なファンは、生産者からの情報をお待ちしております。 Sugiyama san, What is the future of this great game? Can we expect new environments? The loyal fans await information from the producers.

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