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04/15/2014 3:05 AM ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. This is the final destination version of Gerudo Valley. No more surprise visits from Koume and Kotake, and the bridge is gone. There are no distractions and there's nowhere to run. And the score that plays in the background is "Gerudo Valley."



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  • You can make most stages turn into a final destination. Depending on the stage, it might be floating in midair or perched on a cliff.

  • lol

    04/15/2014 2:23 PM ·Spoilers

    @JayDsWii There are no stage hazards on FD. The only difference between these FD stages functionally is the underside. Some have flying space underneath while some are perched on top of something.

  • Jay

    04/15/2014 2:58 PM ·Spoilers

    I can see myself using the FD version of all of the courses when playing competively

  • This game is going to be awesome!

  • Yeahs2
  • Well i'v heard of "FIRST COMMENT!" but not last comment lol

  • got last :D

  • Yeahs0
  • I like Final Destination mode. Thanks Sakurai!

  • lol people say last when there not xD

  • I hope that Lip is in the game!

  • Sakurai, if you're reading this post, PLEASE bring Pichu back!! I know you're removing clones from the series, but I have many attack ideas planned as well as a Final Smash! Please, Sakurai!!

  • I have a way to remove Pichu as a clone of Pikachu! Just please give the little guy a chance! I would absolutely LOVE to see Pichu return to the Super Smash Bros. series!! Please bring Pichu back!!

  • You're removing clones, and I understand that. But don't you think you could bring back ONE little character back to the battle grounds? How are we gonna make Pichu better, you ask? 1 word: Ukulele.

  • We can add in Ukulele Pichu to Smash U/3D and add in a few ukulele attacks as well! Some attacks include: Smacking foes with it, playing songs to raise attack strength, and using it for a Final Smash!

  • Sakurai, I would assume you're familiar with Ukulele Pichu? You know, from the game Pokémon Rangers: Guardian Signs! Ukulele Pichu would be PERFECT for Super Smash Bros. U/3D!


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