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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 30/04/2014 02:54



Director's Room

Pic of the day. With the Super Leaf, any fighter can have ears and a tail. You can also float in the air by pressing the jump button. We're still figuring out whether you'll be able to attack with the tail...


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  • Callan

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:08

    I like this item, it looks cool.

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  • That is a great new item! Looking forward to using it!

    Yeahs Given11
  • Colton

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:10

    Just bring MewTwo Back

    Yeahs Given24
  • muchi

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:11

    reminds me of the old days back on the nes super mario 3 for the win tanooki power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeahs Given6
  • What would it look like if fox had it

    Yeahs Given24
  • The tail is going through Marth's cape. :P

    Yeahs Given16
  • Cory

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:12

    shrek can't be in it because he's not a nintendo character nor a video game character

    Yeahs Given15
  • This is waaayy too adorable.

    Yeahs Given9
  • Craig

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:14

    Wait a minute...knowing that the Super Leaf allows people to shape-shift...are those fighters, or IMPOSTORS!? For those who don't understand, play 3D Land.

    Yeahs Given9
  • Awesome! Can't wait til summertime!

    Yeahs Given4
  • Tails confirmed!? Awesome!!

    Yeahs Given4
  • Journ

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:17

    Yeahs Given7
  • Yeahs Given476
  • Watch the Mario Kart 8 Direct. It's diferent to the other ND, and the info in it is amazing. MK8 is going to be the game of the year.

    Yeahs Given3
  • muchi

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:18

    hmmmm it dose not look good for mewtwo with greninja around and that master ball wachout he might pop out it. oh hey guy stop requesting for shrek he is not nintendo he is a movie character!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeahs Given7
  • Kotone

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:18

    Marine the Raccoon confirmed.

    Yeahs Given7
  • Harry

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:18

    Toon Link suits the ears!

    Yeahs Given14
  • Cory

    Spoilers · 30/04/2014 13:20

    If its anyone it should be Galacta Knight..not to be mean or anything.

    Yeahs Given6

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