Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 01/05/2014 04:46



Director's Room

Pic of the day. The menacing foe, Orne! It inflicts devastating damage--it's even more powerful than the Ultimate Chimera in the last game. RUNNN!!


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  • No !!!! I make still again nightmare because of him ! And the song is just so ...

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  • Mitten

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:46

    Am... am I missing something?

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  • Hydro

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:47

    I wouldn't mind seeing items/bosses/stage hazards/characters/trophies/stickers from some other series. I agree KI is getting a bit too much now.

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  • Gabe

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:47

    Isn't that guy from Super Mario Galaxy? 'Cause I haven't completed the game yet.

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  • Does it play the scary music too? This guy always gave me the creeps!

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  • Reilly

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:47


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  • Devin

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:48

    Looking at this again, the lower left edge of the pic is pink like the Reset Bomb Forest. So Orne is either a Smash Run enemy or a Reset Bomb Forest stage hazard.

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  • Schnee

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:48

    Do not get me wrong I LOVE both my 3DS & Wii U, but the 3DS version I more hyped-up for. Think about it, Super Smash Bros on hand-held for the first time! In my opinion 3DS has better stages too. ^_~

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  • Ace

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:48

    I belive that the orne is one of the things in smash run. Check the direct if you don't know what smash run is.

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  • The new tabuu

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  • ALEX

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:50


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  • Nick

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:51

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  • Justin

    Spoilers · 01/05/2014 18:56

    I really hope more Mother/Earthbound trophies will be in this game. You'd think back when Mother 3 came out, Brawl would have a lot of trophies, but had fewer trophies than Melee had.

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