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28/05/2014 02:31 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Characters that have heavy damage slowly start to emit steam. When your opponent starts to get nice and smoky, give 'em a solid attack!



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  • Danny

    28/05/2014 13:01 ·Spoilers


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  • MN

    28/05/2014 13:02 ·Spoilers


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  • Tyler

    28/05/2014 13:02 ·Spoilers

    Is this a joke? They can't be serious...

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  • Even better idea.. how about... no more Sonic characters? You people need to start turning this into a 3rd party fest. We already have two and don't need more. This is a Nintendo game. Remember that.

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  • Does anyone else get that 'sweaty' vibe from this steam effect? I see it all the time in manga, it just seems strange to me. I wonder if it could be toggled on or off, just like the outlines?

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  • ieuan

    28/05/2014 13:04 ·Spoilers

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  • Does this mean that Gabe Newell is confirmed?

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  • knux

    28/05/2014 13:04 ·Spoilers

    @gaymer Point valid. kudos

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  • Please check out ma drawingz by going on ma profile. have a nice day :D

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  • I get it. This shows how exhausted characters are.

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  • Hmm smoking hot. Do you know what else is smoking hot? Me as a Newcomer to SSB4 alongside with Angleface, now that's smoking hot.

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  • So it will let us have a nice and powerful attack? Sounds good to me! ^¬^

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  • Cool 😃😃😃

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  • Slash

    28/05/2014 13:06 ·Spoilers

    @ Magnus: It's Angelface, Not, Angleface.

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  • If Bowser.jr was in ssb4 he would not be a clone!!!!!!!! So please Sakuira Bowser.jr in ssb4 please

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  • Sheik: its getting hot in here. Yoshi: so what? Sheik: so take of all your.....

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