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Director's Room

Pic of the day. We gave Marth a full makeover, giving him design elements from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and newer games.


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  • Sofia

    Spoilers · 02/03/2014 15:14

    Fire Emblem ist eines der BESTEN Spiele von Nintendo! :)

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  • Sofia

    Spoilers · 02/03/2014 15:15

    Chrom und Marth sollten meiner Meinung nach in Super Smash Bros Brawl sein!

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  • black marth costume please

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  • blue

    Spoilers · 16/03/2014 19:03

    Im just curious on if he's still going to keep his Japanese voice or if you guys are going to give him an English voice. I hope it's still Japanese just to keep it original since Melee. Hahah!

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  • Cheren

    Spoilers · 17/03/2014 05:17

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  • Maxz

    Spoilers · 17/03/2014 09:20

    He's so pretty!

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  • Lucas

    Spoilers · 21/05/2014 21:03

    So is Marth's position going to reflected/mirrored? Because Masahiro Sakurai said the update.

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  • finally something good but it looks a bit creepy

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  • Hm... He looks like in Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem, but in another theme, can you put something about the Judgral Sagas?, or something about Arvis...

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  • Euwin

    Spoilers · 24/07/2014 18:58

    Oh my I everdo seem to be last

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  • Josh

    Spoilers · 29/07/2014 03:04

    what happened to the backs of characters not being shown anymore? mirrored characters are cool!

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  • Samuel

    Spoilers · 20/08/2014 17:14

    Ugh, everyone complains. Good job Sakurai, they wanted Chrom? TOO BAD, MARTH!

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  • Arran

    Spoilers · 09/09/2014 14:53

    Wow! It's been almost exactly 10 months since this was posted and I can still comment! Anyway, in a later post it was revealed that characters will now be mirrored so you can't see their backs so this could mean that non-mirroring was planned but got scrapped.

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  • Arran

    Spoilers · 09/09/2014 15:08

    However, I believe that Sakurai also said that characters who use weapons (such as sword users like Link and Marth) will not be mirrored so it is possible that non-mirroring was never scrapped. Also, just because I feel like being a troll for once, last comment!

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  • this will never get a yeah

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  • MMX

    Spoilers · 05/01/2015 18:15Played

    @Wilson Marth is a male! I told you that he is a male!

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  • Ghoti

    Spoilers · 17/02/2015 21:43Played

    Marth is always my favorite character, even if he was nerfed WAY too much for SSB4.

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