Super Smash Bros. Series

Spoilers· 28/11/2013 02:19


Director's Room

Pic of the day. A Dark Train goes full-steam ahead.


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  • Subhaan

    Spoilers · 15/12/2013 12:56

    no no no no no they again

  • Mitch

    Spoilers · 15/12/2013 18:54


  • D.Gray-Man

    Spoilers · 15/12/2013 23:37

    Awsome. Trains remind me of old western movies. This stage is gonna be fun! ^_^

  • Tito

    Spoilers · 16/12/2013 22:15

    Nice this stage is awsome will be one of my favorites i hope a stage of phanto hourglass one of my favorite games in the ds

  • ★☆Joey☆★

    Spoilers · 16/12/2013 23:07

  • Jamie

    Spoilers · 17/12/2013 03:51

  • Kevin B)

    Spoilers · 17/12/2013 16:50

    es hermoso! *w*

  • Deleted by administrator.

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  • Keegan

    Spoilers · 24/12/2013 13:44

    when is the game going to come out?

  • Metalhun64

    Spoilers · 25/12/2013 23:11

    Hey Sakurai,I saw Mario use F.L.U.D.D does this mean there will be a new Super Mario Sunshine game comming out next year?

  • √▲♭$

    Spoilers · 31/12/2013 12:22

    improve on the graphics...

  • michael

    Spoilers · 08/01/2014 02:12

    instead of having the nintendo dog be an assist trophey you shuold make a dog trainer with the dog which is playable just like the pokemon trainer

  • Alex

    Spoilers · 27/01/2014 10:35

    I want it to come out today but it won't

  • José Ramón

    Spoilers · 10/02/2014 14:30

  • José Ramón

    Spoilers · 10/02/2014 14:30

  • Luigi!

    Spoilers · 24/03/2014 18:23

    that is ,,Legend of Zelda: spirit tracks" for ds! this game was last christmas a present for me!

  • TriFace

    Spoilers · 5 hours ago

    Dis mah post nao!


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