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25/06/2014 12:43 ·Spoilers

Hi everyone, it's Tom at Nintendo. I heard you like summer, but I also heard you like...Miiverse updates! Here's a quick list of the changes in today's update. [Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and web versions] -The Activity Feed will now show what post you got a "Yeah!" on. We also made some adjustments so the Activity Feed will now show less "Yeahs!" than before. -You can now turn off "Yeah!" notifications altogether by going to User Page > User Menu > Miiverse Settings. [Web version] -We updated the User Page layout on the web version. Just like in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions, you can now choose and show your favorite hand drawn post in the web version. -[New!!] You can now embed Miiverse posts on your website. We added a button to each post that will display an embed code. Copy and paste the code on your website to share the post. That's all I have for today, thanks!



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  • finnally i get to comment! ........ darn i dont know what to say. umm.... hi tom keep making great updates btw do you look ever at the comments?

    Yeahs Given243
  • liek dis f yuo crei evre teim

    Yeahs Given160
  • John

    25/06/2014 23:01 ·Spoilers

    Mr Tom, this is a bit off topic, but it wont let me comment on Mr. Sakurai's posts, and i have many suggestions to tell him, what should I do?

    Yeahs Given136
  • Matt

    25/06/2014 23:02 ·Spoilers

    tom,whens flipnote studio coming its been almost a year!and their are a bunch of great artist waiting for it! tell, nintendo to at least relese a demo of it or something!

    Yeahs Given255
  • том уоΰ киош ше аге тгуîиģ то ваи тне тшо мïиΰте гΰĺе·

    Yeahs Given158
  • ai gaut da last coment yay :)

    Yeahs Given53
  • Jay

    25/06/2014 23:08 ·Spoilers

    Um... Hi.

    Yeahs Given82
  • I wish Nintendo made an update where you could save Mii characters to Mii maker.

    Yeahs Given142
  • kevin

    25/06/2014 23:08 ·Spoilers

    We want our own music in miiverse!!! Like, music of nintendo games remixed as themes in miiverse!!!! I would like Super Mario Bros theme in miiverse, or The Legend of Zelda main theme too, or Kirby, or Donkey Kong. Everyone will love you if that occurs!!!!! Example: that themes of videogames in eShop. PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!! oh, and I am the almost last comment.

    Yeahs Given323
  • Yeahs Given102

    25/06/2014 23:16 ·Spoilers

    There are profiles on here that break the Code of Conduct.We need the ability to report these profiles.

    Yeahs Given197
  • Melly

    25/06/2014 23:32 ·Spoilers

    ooooooooo TOM! we should be able to yeah the profile comment! tha'd be soooooo awesome :D

    Yeahs Given239
  • minecraft would be cool on 3ds 2ds

    Yeahs Given111

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