Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 09/07/2014 02:38



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Just like in the original game, the Dark Emperor can cause status changes based on a fighter's color. Red types generally get powered up. On a different subject, the Mii Fighter is wearing a Mii Force Helmet.


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  • Diego

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:23

    I can't wait for the Smash Bros.! I'm glad Pac is in.(Hey, at least they didn't do his new look)

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  • Jigglypuff joins the battle . please please please

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  • Please mr. Sakurai, put Wolf in this game as a playable character.

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  • (I'm one of the last people to comment again!) I hope that you can take the costumes you got in SP Mii Plaza and use those costumes in Smash! That would be awesome!

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  • So is this based on a caricters's color, or a caged Mii's color, & if it's caricters, then does this mean team color, or just general color… Regards this game is looking awsome… PS I hope you release a caricter reveal teazer for evry newcomer, including the hidden 1's (even if those 1's don't come till after the 3DS version comes out)

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  • I hope we get to see more on Peach soon. She's been announced for awhile and we never get any info on her. She wasn't even in the demo.

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  • Eat your green beans like a good boy.

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  • Ryu

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:25

    Please add Amaterasu (Game: Okami) as a playable character. She would be a great addition in smash bros and a perfect 3rd party rival for Link.

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  • Nully

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:25

    Smashy smashy.

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  • SIR J

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:25


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  • Steven

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:25

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  • Wait, it could cause status changes based on color in Find Mii 2? I didn't know that. I just kept attacking it.

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  • George

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:26

    Hats are comfermed, now we just need the face paint.

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  • Good job Sakurai the game looks awesome. Remember to add snake to ssb ;)

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  • Jigglypuff joins the battle . please please please

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  • GOTY

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 12:26

    clever girl...

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  • nick89

    Spoilers · 09/07/2014 13:44

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