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10/07/2014 03:12 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. The character farther in the back isn't from the Imperial forces, and the character in the front is not the infamous drum-playing puppet in Osaka. No, Mario is actually wearing an outfit from Family Computer Golf: U.S. Course! NES Open Tournament Golf might be a more familiar title.



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  • Jared

    10/07/2014 06:35 ·Spoilers

    I can't wait for more alternative costumes when the game comes out!

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  • James

    10/07/2014 06:36 ·Spoilers

    Well, I'd say everybody now loves alternate costumes more than characters... Sakurai, I think this broke a record: Less than 3 hours, we've already reached 1000 comments. Thanks for all the hard work, Sakurai.

    Yeahs Given452
  • He should have done this closer to the 4th of July.

    Yeahs Given467
  • Dez

    10/07/2014 06:36 ·Spoilers

    i think if samus worked for the empire the rebels would have lost immediately

    Yeahs Given393
  • Wow! These palette swaps look amazing! I can't wait for this game to come out! Thank you for the effort and hard work, Sakurai!

    Yeahs Given217
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  • Mark

    10/07/2014 06:37 ·Spoilers

    Mario looks so patriotic today.

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  • Yeahs Given721
  • People that's wondering where's Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff. You all need to relax they will be in the game eventually, so you all need to wait and see.

    Yeahs Given262
  • Yeahs Given567
  • Very nice alternate skins. Now we have US Mario but I think there should be also added more japanese stuff. :-) A new character with the same colors as Marios overalls. White fur and red markings. Amaterasu (Okami) in Smash Bros would be godly awesome.

    Yeahs Given117
  • Yeahs Given2135
  • THERE'S STILL TIME!! CONFIRM AT LEAST 1 MOTHER/EARTHBOUND CHARACTER!!! You already confirmed 2 items right? Mr.Saturn and the Franklin badge? so confirm a character!

    Yeahs Given177
  • Soul

    10/07/2014 06:38 ·Spoilers

    to all the people wanting characters *looks at romainXY* the roster is done he does not have to listen to complaining baby spamming they want that character. and if you want them make a mii of them.

    Yeahs Given142
  • PtM

    10/07/2014 06:38 ·Spoilers

    Mario is such a sell-out. He looks like a clown.

    Yeahs Given87
  • Give her an actual alternate costume and not a colour swap... C'mon, little Mac has 2 -_-

    Yeahs Given117
  • Will

    10/07/2014 06:38 ·Spoilers

    Hopefully the real light suit from Prime 2 is an alt. costume for Samus & not this color swap. Same goes for the Phazon suit, P.E.D. suit & Prime model Varia suit.

    Yeahs Given115
  • Cool Mr. Sakurai the costume looks great. Please add snake to ssb.

    Yeahs Given170

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