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17/07/2014 02:12 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. We have Nintendogs plus cats! How could we forget them!! Just FYI, there are about five dog breeds in this game. This was me, reporting from the 3DS-exclusive stage, Living Room.



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  • Alex

    17/07/2014 10:14 ·Spoilers

    I can haz pics of Sakurai's cat?

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  • Yes! My all time favorite character Peach!!! She's hasn't been seen much since April 30th. This post made me so happy Peach, Pit, and Cats!!!

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  • Geez I hate cats... reason I didn't buy that Mario game...

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  • Garan

    17/07/2014 10:15 ·Spoilers

    Taco Kittens.

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  • Beam

    17/07/2014 10:15 ·Spoilers

    This game is going to be a ton of fun especially when it is portable. :D

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  • Meow i hope the cat eats them

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  • Jacob

    17/07/2014 13:12 ·Spoilers

    Oh my god, this didn't get 1000 comments! Well, now it did.

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  • Choco

    17/07/2014 13:12 ·Spoilers

    I am so going to preorder this with the money I am getting from my birthday today. <3

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  • Kevin

    17/07/2014 13:12 ·Spoilers

    can the kitten attack people

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  • Blaze

    17/07/2014 13:13 ·Spoilers


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  • I don't understand why there has to be exclusive maps for each version.

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  • Can't wait!

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  • Davy

    17/07/2014 13:14 ·Spoilers

    A Star Fox stage and a F-Zero stage is still needed. We can use a brand new Donkey Kong stage and Kirby stage too even though we have stages from them already which are past stages.

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  • Oh, and by the way, everyone has to stop asking about Riddly. Think about it. In the SSB direct, his shadow appears over where Pikachu was on that Metroid stage and we haven't ever seen him before or since. He's most likely a stage boss, and that's not gonna change.

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