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12/08/2014 01:08 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. If you manage to raise this Special Flag for long enough, an additional KO count will be added to your score in a time match, or you'll get an extra stock for a stock match. When this appears on the stage, the fight for the flag becomes a fierce battle of tactics, which makes things pretty interesting.



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  • Wow, another extra stock!? What a game changer! But also, I think we need to remember one of Nintendo's biggest fans today. You are the Hero of Hyrule, and finally Peace has returned to the Land. Farewell, Robin Williams.

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  • No Meta Knight tonight doesn't surprise me at all; I don't know about you!

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  • Anyone Up for a Deadly, I mean Friendly game of Capture The Flag ;D

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  • Max

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

    SSB4ウィキにありさんニン​​テンクラシックリンクゴエモンヤエ櫻井さん検討ださい。Please Sakurai-san let Ninten, Classic Link, Goemon, and Yae who are on SSB4 Wiki join the battle. I prefer the 1-UP Mushroom but this works too! :)

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  • This is like the fight over the smash ball then! The battle goes even wilder when this flag appears!

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  • Pac-Man is so amazed by Pikachu holding the flag that he can't even look straight at it! Also... ♪Can you feel the sunshine?♪ ♪Coming from the this Special Flaaaaaag?♪

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  • Jσhn

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • Jam

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • Dot

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • MerZ

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

    Rumble madness of this game is NON-STOP. A truly ONE-MAN STANDING battle. A battle of SUPREMACY.

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  • Tob

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • Me!

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • *****

    12/08/2014 04:25 ·Spoilers

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  • Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu! -w- (You only have one job!) Pacman: *o* C. Falcon: >ò-ó> People: All hail the Special Flag!!!

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  • Alex

    12/08/2014 11:00 ·Spoilers

    Oh boy, another item that people will complain is overpowered. Too bad for those guys, since I enjoy the chaos items brings. This is going to be so much fun for stock matches on stages like Palutena's Temple. Also, raise your Pikachus!

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