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03/09/2014 02:42 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Until now, you were only able to choose from four, or sometimes five or six colors for each character. This time, though, all characters have eight colors to choose from! The first four color schemes for Samus are based off her Varia Suit, Fusion Suit, Gravity Suit from Super Metroid, and the Dark Suit.



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  • …And here she is in the color schemes of the Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime, Green Samus (a regular in the Smash series), the Light Suit, and Dark Samus. A total of eight colors.

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  • You can choose between four male and four female Villagers to play with. The designs for their faces and clothes are different. And here are the four Villagers we haven't shown you yet.

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  • This time its nice to know everyone is asured 8 costumes yay! All we need is the PED suit for Samus and were good to go :)

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  • Sakurai, here's a suggestion you should take seriously. Like you did with brawl put up on the site the secret fighters for this game before the japan release date. Other wise someone is going to play non stop and post all the characters themselves with poor quality cameras. I'd much rather like them to be revealed by you and not some random gamer. Thank you.

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  • [SFM] Bugs

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  • Reyn for Smash!!

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  • We need to have more than 1000 comments per post. As some people don't have a chance to post, especially with the same user posting more than one post. I wonder if Dr Mario will be a skin, maybe not because of that leak, or Ganondorf has that Hyrule Warriors look, or characters that originally on Game Boy other than Kirby have a grey texture.

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  • Wonder if they'll put in the black and white Yoshis? :3

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  • Ness

    03/09/2014 06:46 ·Spoilers

    If this is the case.. Please tell me Wolf and Lucas are alts of Fox and Ness with 4 color schemes.. I'm desperate!

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  • Yay! More alt. costumes to use. :D

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  • *****

    03/09/2014 06:46 ·Spoilers

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  • Rmc

    03/09/2014 06:47 ·Spoilers

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  • Neb

    03/09/2014 06:47 ·Spoilers

    Pink Gold Peach confirmed. 😉

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  • Will

    03/09/2014 06:47 ·Spoilers

    Much rather have the real Dark Samus be a playable character.

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