Super Smash Bros. Series

Spoilers· 30/10/2013 02:31


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Is it just me or do I smell something beastly...?


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  • Vinny

    Spoilers · 10/12/2013 16:45

    Thies pictures look way better on the 3DS screen

  • Johan

    Spoilers · 10/12/2013 19:13

    I think it would be cool if beams came out of Links sword like the master sword when full health

  • Milton

    Spoilers · 10/12/2013 23:57

    Wow, the 3ds version is looking amazing!

  • Dylan

    Spoilers · 11/12/2013 14:53

    I love the way the 3ds version looks! Its console quality

  • Brandon

    Spoilers · 11/12/2013 20:01

  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 13/12/2013 17:52

    3ds are cool I WANT A WII U jk

  • Kevin

    Spoilers · 14/12/2013 03:10

    Please! give us a StarFox Assault version or a melee version of Fox!

  • Karla

    Spoilers · 15/12/2013 17:06

    Fox: I'm coming for you Toon Link... Toon Link: What's this feeling I have all of a sudden?!

  • Collin

    Spoilers · 17/12/2013 04:48

    Behind You Link!! It's a Fox!!

  • Collin

    Spoilers · 17/12/2013 04:51

    would be cool if Fox had his Starfox Adventure look

  • Aidan

    Spoilers · 21/12/2013 15:53

    Nothings more beastly than a fox from space that has a laser gun, talks and stands on its hind legs

  • Aztill

    Spoilers · 26/12/2013 13:07

  • Tedde

    Spoilers · 27/12/2013 02:25

    awesome that toon link is in 3ds, i thought he would only be in the wii u verision because of wind waker.

  • Aiden

    Spoilers · 05/01/2014 13:40

    can you add new zelda characters

  • luke

    Spoilers · 17/01/2014 10:27

    please give ganondorf a new moveset or add tetra from windwaker please

  • Tyler

    Spoilers · 19/01/2014 23:04

    i like the new foxes new look hope wario falco and wolf come back oh and crazy hand

  • J-Dog Ryan

    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 10:42

    Toon Link look out!! [knocked of the screen]

  • Max

    Spoilers · 9 hours ago

    No link its just you.


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